Magnolia - Sandrine

Eau de Parfum

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I have a full 100 ml bottle and find this beautiful. It is a true magnolia that is overpowering in the way that tuberose and ylang can be. This is sweet yet a bit indolic in the way that true jasmines can be. There is a dryness beneath the sweetness. Yes, a bit of LOTV present. I am wearing it in winter. It makes a beautiful, bright, luscious winter fragrance and lasts longer on a cold day. So glad that I blind bought this. It is the magnolia that I have been looking for. Heady. Your face in a tree full of magnolia as the bees buzz around your head.
By   - marketing from Cleveland on 12/21/2018
I grew up in the South with a glorious magnolia tree in the yard. I used to take a petal from the flower and carry it in my pocket. My mother knew how much I loved the scent. When I would return home after high school, she would place a whole flower in a bowl of water in the bathroom. The room would be filled with that beautiful scent. When I saw this fragrance I knew without a shadow of a doubt it would smell nothing like magnolias. I was wrong. To me, the scent is spot on! True magnolia.
By   - Librarian from Seattle on 11/3/2015
Having tried dozens of samples looking for a perfect everyday scent, this is the one I keep coming back to. It's so clean but not in a synthetic or clinical way and I agree with the Ivory soap comparisons. On me it's a perfect scent right out of the shower for spring into summer- waiting for it to be back in stock!
By   - from Outside NYC on 1/17/2015
I ordered about a dozen samples, Michael and Sandrine were two of them. I hated both on first sniff, right from the vial. I'm so glad I gave them a chance on my skin! I like the Michael, my husband loves the Sandrine. And he's been subjected to lots of sniffs of different samples. I definitely get an Ivory soap smell with this one, but an Ivory soap on nice sheets in an expensive southern hotel. Its not drop-dead sexy, but it is simple and beautiful. Sexy in a white tank top and panties kind of way. I'm so intrigued, I might spring for a full bottle!
By  on 3/5/2014
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