Viktoria Minya

Hedonist Rose Absolute

Eau de Parfum

Hedonist Rose Absolute Sizes Available:
60ml $200
0.7ml sample $5
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I’m figuring out that the hedonism at Viktoria Minya is based not on lust -- the perfumer’s standard and grail -- but gluttony. This is a rosewater caramel similar in spirit to Mancera’s Roses Vanille, with an irresistibly sugary smokiness that paradoxically uplifts the lighter, brighter aspect of the floral. (It’s still a Turkish rose, so some degree of syrupiness is unavoidable, but it’s not one bit heavy or dull.) That one woman at the neighborhood holiday party, the one that the kids love to talk to and the gentlemen also love to talk to? She’s wearing this fragrance.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/20/2019
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