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Land of Warriors

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I received Land of Warriors as sample and I'm absolutely in love with it. My initial impression was leathery saddle and green earthiness, rather grassy with a little bit of woodiness.or pine, also some citrus blended in the opening but it's really subtle. As it dries down, I pick up on the tobacco and dark musk. This is definitely a masculine fragrance that is appropriate for most any casual occasion. I can picture in my mind 16th century warriors returning from battle with their horses and smelling like the forest they rode in from. The women are running up to them with tears streaming down their faces, so happy their men came back safely from fighting.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 4/5/2020
Pay attention to what the top notes lack in this one to understand just how well Land of Warriors tells its story. They’re fresh (cucumber) and tart and green (tomato leaf), and very well done, but the usual juicy-decadent sweetness you tend to find kicking off these leather scents just isn’t present. It all makes sense when you reach the arresting rigidity at its heart -- the waxed and hardened leather of battle gear, rather than the softness of suede or even the drape of a motorcycle jacket. The rest is an enjoyable passage through a long-lasting drydown (with the best use of tar’s sweetness this side of Charenton Macerations), but that opening narrative is a wonderful passage, not to be ignored in the rush to battle.
By   - editor from Seattle on 4/28/2019
Wow! No love for Land of Warriors with the LS reviewers? That's a shame, because this is a terrific perfume, albeit not for me. But--if you love classic 80s masculine powerhouses, especially Drakkar Noir and Fahrenheit, you're going to love this. And now that reformulation has defanged Drakkar Noir and Fahrenheit, a niche alternative is your best bet. It has all the aromatic distinction of the former, and all the gasoline and leather of the latter, and it lasts for well over 24 hours on skin. And check out that flacon. What's not to love?
By   - novelist from Texas on 10/8/2017
The note list sounded good, but this smells very simple and flat in reality. It's a weird, fecal, damp smelling leather that I find to be very off putting. Smells a little like a splash of Drakkar Noir is in the mix in the drydown.
By   - Writer from Toronto on 10/8/2015
The opening is lovely -- fruity, tart, and cheery, but within half an hour, the fruit is gone and it's an old-school, mega-macho leather that smells a great deal like an 80s drugstore leather fragrance. In fact, the dry-down really reminds me of Chaps. It would have been nice if some of the fruit and berries in the beginning had lasted longer as it would have really complemented the leather, but as it is, the leather is sultry, ponderous, overbearing. I love good, stinky animalics used in interesting ways, like Masque's Montecristo, but LoW strikes me as a rather straightforward historical reproduction, a by-the-numbers period piece from the sweaty, swaggering, open-shirt 80s. If you like power leathers, you might like LoW. It's a bit like Knize Ten's distant, hairy chested, gold chain wearing Jersey Shore cousin.
By   - professor from Philadelphia on 12/23/2014
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