Santa Maria Novella

Potpourri (Pot Pourri)

Fresh Sealed Bag

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I was fascinated by the look of this potpourri, it is moist and shades of brown with leaves, buds and shreds of plant material and the fragrance is potent! I get a strong clove presence, along with lavender and thyme that smells almost bergamot-y, but the whole is more interestingly complex than just those notes. It is really growing on me. The instructions say to pierce the bag to enjoy the fragrance but I'm now looking for a potpourri jar that will do it justice.
By   - Researcher from indurham on 5/15/2021
Cannot get enough of this lovely, calming sent. It truly is spiritual.
By   - Wife, mother, gardener from Oakham on 10/23/2017
clean, private and enchanting love it
By   - artist  from chicago on 7/27/2017
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