Plum Blossoms (Baika-ju)
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This just arrived and I am on my first burn: smells wonderful, very comforting and a bit rich, in a bakery kind-of-way. I have always enjoyed incense, but this is the best smelling one I have burned to date; it's sophisticated yet simple --no college dorm room/new age divinity shop vibes here. The stick burns down fairly quickly, but then again the sticks are fairly short and thin. No matter, at less than a dime a stick, it's a terrific buy. I will definitely buy this again as I'm sure I will use it up in a few months.
By   - Interpreter from Washington, D.C. on 1/19/2021
I've stuck with Satya's Nag Champa or Super Hit for years--most other incense I came across smelled like the stick it was burning, or even burning tires (as in the case of laxmi dhoop)...So I wasn't sure what I was in for. I was instantly enveloped in a warm, just-sweet-enough, woody and floral aura. I get the cinammon the other reviewer mentioned; it's a food smell. It's like opening a curio of interesting spices and dried flowers, and other beautiful earthly things. Fantastic.
By   - painter from Long Beach on 2/1/2016
Soft whisper of sweet sandalwood, cinnamon, and star anise... I love having my home smelling of this. Creates an atmosphere of comfort --- home as a haven from the cares of the outside world.
By   - from Madison, WI on 9/14/2013
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