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Freckled and Beautiful

Eau de Parfum

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I absolutely adore this perfume. It opens up with soft citrus and fresh green notes and then morphs to a beautiful, creamy vanilla and honeysuckle fragrance. Very intimate, sticks close to the skin. Lasts as a skin scent for about 4 or 5 hours. Perfect for the spring and summer, or at night time when you want to feel especially cozy. I fell in love at first spray and I will be purchasing a full bottle
By   - Athletics from Sinking Spring on 9/13/2021
Love this wonderful scent! A very nice combo of gourmand and floral.
By   - jewelry design from yucca valley on 2/7/2021
I just pulled this sample out again and I need a full bottle. I've always been drawn towards gourmand and I've been trying to branch out. I would say this is on the "edge" of gourmand which gives it a twist of not being too sweet or having that edible vibe. Having grown up in L.A. I don't know why it wasn't love at first sample. I need to try the companion scent as my Grandma used to drive my brother and I down Sunset Blvd when we were young kids for fun.
By   - Interpreter from WA on 12/15/2020
I had high hopes for this fragrance and I was not disappointed. I would classify this as unisex though. It's more of a subtle and intimate fragrance with moderate silage and projection (within arms-length). The longevity is about 4-5 hours on me, but regardless don't expect beastly performance. Despite the moderate performance, this is a very enjoyable fragrance to wear and I've been catching small whiffs here and there throughout the day. My skin picks up more of the creamy milk, honeysuckle, and heliotrope. I think it's a good casual fragrance for spring and fall. I think A Lab on Fire did an excellent job marketing and design, as well as, did the creator David Apel in blending all the notes so smoothly.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 11/12/2020
I was looking for a regular daytime scent to coincide with my other Lab on Fire perfume, and the World is Yours. While very happy with Freckled and Beautiful, and the journey of its notes, I wish it packed more projection, especially at this price point. I find myself spritzing several times throughout the day to renew it, but I still find it a worthy purchase. It’s yummy and comforting and an innocent, flirty balance to atWiY, which is a total sex bomb of a perfume. Packaging is arty and as always the people at luckyscent know how to select a sample based on my vague list of likes! Thank you very much.
By   - Florist from STL on 10/11/2020
Holy Biscuit! As a millennial this really brought me back to childhood days of milk cartons and Dunkaroos. There's definitely biscuit and milk at the forefront. Lab on Fire really hit the nail on the head as far as nostalgia goes. I tried it for a day and it didn't last as long as I'd like my gourmands to last but overall a great fragrance!
By   - Entrepreneur & Perfume Enthusiast from Philadelphia, PA on 10/11/2020
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