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The name is great, the design of the bottle awesome, the scent - I agree with those who stated an 80's vibe. That is because in the 80's I was a young teen smelling and buying perfumes at the drug store, and this one reminds me of exclamation by Cody at least on me when first applied. it is a heady sweet scent, that for me turns a bit salty, overall good but I cannot get over the feeling of I have been here before. Like wearing a half top - was great at the time but maybe not in my more mature years :)
By   - Project specialist from Tacoma on 8/30/2021
Messy, sexy, just rolled out of bed is how I feel every time I wear this fragrance. It's effortlessly cool, just like its title, and the scent kind of wraps your skin. It's like that yummy cozy just-woke-up feeling in fragrance form, and it's addictive.
By   - Publishing from Boulder on 6/30/2020
This is a wonderful scent. The only reasons I won't get a full bottle are that (1) it reminds me of a fragrance from the 80s (not sure which), so much so that I just couldn't see it as anything but a knock-off, instead of as a unique fragrance I could make "mine", and (2) it is a bit too strong for my taste (again, the 80s thing). I dabbed hardly a drop on each of four pulse points, and could smell it on myself for hours thereafter, and my feeling about fragrances is that you should not be able to smell a fragrance on yourself after the first few minutes unless you bring your nose to your skin (if you can smell it as you walk about town, then you're leaving too strong a trail for the poor random passerby to suffer through, is my take).
By   - Artist from San Francisco on 6/18/2020
This is a scent made for snuggling. This has the marshmallow, caramel-y quality of By Kilian Love without the overwhelming sugary sweetness that gives me an instant migraine. I like it at first sniff, but I *love* it once the top floral notes fade and it melts into a warm, vanilla musk that wears close to the skin. It won't announce itself with a trail of sillage, but it will invite anyone already close to you to come even closer.
By   - Bored Housewife from Minneapolis on 6/15/2020
I've already written a review for this scent, but I recently got some small mister bottles from amazon and decided to try some of my previous fave frag samples as they were intended to be and not with that ridiculous dab-on contraption. This scent is a perfect example of why scent samples should NEVER be dabbed on when they're meant to be a spray. Dabbed on this scent was light, sweet and delicious but very little projection and the musks dominated the scent. As a spray however, suddenly the toffee and amber notes are center stage making this much more of a gourmand and less of a musky skin scent. It also has way more projection and leaves a lovely trail.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 12/23/2019
I probably would have instantaneously bought a bottle if it had lasted longer. Though I admit I may have been given some unrealistic expectations as to perfume longevity due to my proclivity towards houses like Montal, Profumum and Mancera who tend to have beastmode longevity. I'm going to give it another go and maybe see if I can clean out a sample sized spray bottle because I find sometimes splashing on the samples just doesn't give an accurate showing of the scent. Unless I find something better in this new batch of samples (I doubt it) I might pick up a bottle anyways, it's just so yummy.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/8/2019
Love this. It is sexy gourmand for the non-gourmand lover because it doesn't assault you with a migrain inducing sweetness that pierces the nerves in your teeth. The best way for me to describe this is that it is a gourmand skin scent. Imagine marzipan and rosewater scent that wears close to the skin and you literally were messy and rolled out of bed.
By   - administrative from Yountville on 5/3/2019
I got a sample and I liked it a lot when I smelled it. When I put it on me I thought it was different than that light sweetness I liked. I went out with a friend who asked me why I smelled like a body in a morgue...guess this isn’t the one for me
By   - Administrative assistant  from Albany on 5/26/2018
You're scarfing down a slice of gooey butter pie while standing in a thick garden of flowers on a boiling hot day in the middle of the summer. The sticky sweet butter, roses, and sweat remind you of the compost heap at the back of your yard, littered with rotting fruit. Mon Musc à Moi by A Lab on Fire.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
I love this scent. It has a top note of toffee and vanilla that is almost like a hint of gourmet coffee; this gives way to a wonderful light floral musk that is not too sweet or "musky". This is just what I was looking for to wear to work.
By   - Laboratory from Oklahoma City on 8/7/2016
Bottle is not well made .. The mirror covers the name of another perfume by the company and came off my first bottle .. As there is no cap my second bottle had leaked before coming to me and the paint was also chopped off
By   - Unemployed  from New york on 6/28/2016
This is the perfect I am not wearing a fragrance fragrance. It wears close to the skin, soft musk but a not so sweet vanilla shines through. Wishing I got a bottle instead of just a sample but it is now on my wish list.
By   - Sales from Calgary AB on 5/21/2016
I ordered 8 different samples to find my signature scent, and this is it. My 5 year old son kept grabbing my wrist saying I smelled "amazing". He has never noticed any scent before. I think this a fragrance I can wear year round. It is a vanilla musk at perfection; a modern vanilla musk for a young yet sophisticated person. I like it better than what we do in Paris is secret, which gave off a strong alcohol impression at first whiff, but similar otherwise. I will be ordering a FB.
By   - Attorney from Hammond, LA on 3/17/2016
A refined, airy, transparent vanilla-musk scent. Almost reads as a solinote musk, as the vanilla exists only as a transparent accent. A very nice modern musk, leaning towards soapy-clean, but still very nice indeed. The perfect spring/summer skin-scent. "Your-skin-but-better", as they say. A youthful "healthy animal" smell, like the neck of a healthy 16-year-old girl. I like it very much.
By   - digital artist from boerne, texas, usa on 1/13/2016
Disappointing. I'm a musk freak, but this just smells like a slightly dumbed-down version of What We Do in Paris is Secret. Not surprising given that it's by the same guy and from the same house, but disappointing nonetheless.
By   - Project Manager from Sydney, Australia on 12/6/2015
I generally do not prefer vanilla scents, absolutely detest gourmand scents, and loud overly floral scents. However, I am a musk fanatic so I had to give this one a try. I'd say the description is accurate. This is a wonderful just right vanilla musk for me. Soft, cuddly, and not too sweet though it has a light sweetness to it. I think someone who likes Clair de Musc or even Royal Muska may enjoy this scent as well.
By   - Account Manager from Oklahoma city on 10/31/2015
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