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What We Do In Paris Is Secret

Eau de Parfum

What We Do In Paris Is Secret Sizes Available:
60ml $125
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about What We Do In Paris Is Secret...
This is the only scent my husband has ever remarked upon. He loves it. And that is something. I have read reviews that claim it smells like powder, or glue. I know that sense of smell differs in people, and we all pick up different aspects of a scent. For me it is enchanting. Lightly powdery, yes. I am not yet that good at calling out the undertones, but they are intoxicating.
By   - Program Director from West Lafayette on 7/10/2020
This smells like a very well blended combo of baby powder and brown sugar. Not too soft, not too strong. Very unique as as well. It doesn't remind me of any other fragrances. At first sniff, it will seem like an autumn fragrance, but it's airy enough to wear in the spring and summer months.
By   - N/A from Fort Worth on 4/18/2020
I sampled this one after seeing all the positive reviews and wow it did not work on me. I couldn't get past the instant headache from the harsh, almost burnt plastic smell of it to pick up any of the notes listed in the description. I scrubbed it off.
By   - Editor from Washington DC on 12/26/2019
Oh my god (said in a slow dead-pan way.) I want to eat my wrist. Or the inside of my nose. I'm in heaven. It must be the heliotrope.. dead...
By   - teacher from Seoul on 12/5/2019
I’ve never smelled anything like this before, it’s kind of addictive. Definitely made for someone who’s mysterious. Love love love!!
By   - Investor  from Miami on 2/7/2019
This is a dupe for Cacharel's Lou Lou from the 80's, only weaker. That perfume was so strong and so unique that everyone in the building knew you were there. This was typical of many 80's perfumes. About this particular perfume, I can't say I like it or don't like it since I think it is basically a knock-off. If You just want a lighter, less puissant version of Lou Lou, then this is for you.
By   - artist from RIVERSIDE on 2/6/2019
I often ask my kids which smell they like the best when I sample...they are so incredibly honest. And I’m sure you all know how hard it can be to decide. I got another sample of this today. I loved the last one and was/have been pondering a full bottle. It’s a little sweeter than my usual. So I ask my youngest—my 7 years old son. And he smelled this one second. After he smelled it, he not only exclaimed a huge “Yes! Yes! That one!” But he said he doesn’t need to smell any more. Ever. Just make sure to get this one and I need not try any more :)
By   - Full time working Mom  from Palm Beach County, FL on 1/24/2019
An intoxicating cocktail of rubber, linen, powder, pimento + green pepper - very intriguing!
By   - Stud from NF-LI on 1/6/2019
I wanted to love this scent. It starts off beautiful but something horrible happened. It went from lovely to cloying and mildly nauseating. I get a wallop of tobacco from this and I was surprised to see that there is no tobacco note. I also pick up a huge amount of honey. Interestingly, the scent reminds me of an old Faberge cologne that my mother used to wear in the 60s. I loved it then but now it just makes me slightly queasy. I would probably like it on someone else.
By   - Cat Herder from Deep South on 7/4/2018
it is nice...a little powdery when dry...but subtle. really grows on you! def worth the $4 sample!!!
By   - costumer from los angeles on 4/27/2018
opening, I get a blast of play-doh and hand cream. Dry down is definitely baby powder. This is not a complaint though.
By   - Photographer from Brooklyn, NY on 4/6/2018
Seductive. Pulled in by the perverse element, through a cloud of soft pink powdery heliotrope. My wife loved it, though she wouldn't wear it outside of a date night. It's not the sort of thing one would want one's partner wearing around strange men.... I think I loved it even more than my wife did.
By   - Boring Professional  from D.C. on 3/17/2018
This is definitely in my top five gourmands! I've only tried a sample, but it will be my next purchase. The honey and lychee are definitely the main notes in the opening and they last for a good hour on application. The mixture of heliotrope, vanilla, light amber, sweet powdery musk, with a hint of rose all appear in the dry-down. This scent lasts for hours on my skin. It's definitely powdery in the dry-down, but I love it! A close to the skin scent (not great projection), but the sillage is very good for such a sweet, powdery perfume.
By   - Admin from Toronto on 2/27/2018
What we do in Paris is baby powder, I'm afraid. I didn't get much more than that. But if you're looking for baby powder, this one's for you!
By   - accounting from Atlanta on 2/9/2018
Honey, powder, and soft florals with an overall impression of play-doh. It's nice, but not for me. I feel like this is for the sort of person who wears white cashmere sweaters. It's somewhat similar to Poudre De Riz, but a lot calmer and more vanilla-ish.
By   - Programmer from Portland, OR on 6/26/2017
What We Do In Paris Is Secret, oh my, the name is a bit much. But it smells delightful. At first, I smelled baby powder, and I was disappointed. However, I waited and was rewarded with a deep, dark, delicious amber. After maybe an hour or so, there was sort of a spiciness to the amber. It made me think of the space between two people right before they touch, people who have never touched and have been dying to. Much later, the spicy amber smelled a little sugary. I used a tiny drop on my wrists, and I was impressed at the projection. I had a sweet amber cloud of spicy goodness around me. It lasted for about four hours. This is not a simple perfume. It has layers. It makes you think.
By   - teacher from Lake Charles on 5/11/2017
OMG!!! This perfume is oh so, so good! So delicious! I'm not good at describing notes or the smell, all I know is that this one smells really good.... Oh! And 5 stars for fast shipping! I ordered my next batch of samples already! Love Luckyscent!!! You guys are awesome! I'm going to keep coming back to this site!
By   - RN student from Tujunga on 2/8/2017
Where is my Play-Doh note? I WAS PROMISED A PLAY-DOH NOTE!! (ahem) Very pretty, and probably as femme a fragrance as one gets without massive blasts of jasmine / rose, this is a soft (thanks tonka), juicy (thanks lychee) honey with distinct almond notes, probably the sandalwood at work. I didn't get a powdery effect from the musks so much as more softness, but it's all very nice.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/5/2017
One whiff of this and I knew I had to own it. It seems that honey notes in fragrances go hand in hand with powder, but this is decidedly non-powdery to me. It's a very balanced mix of sweet honey and flowers and has a slight gourmand feel. Almond isn't listed as a note but it seems there to me. Get a sample!!
By   - Restaurant Manager from Indiana on 7/9/2016
at the top, sweet honey and light rose. At the bottom: gorgeous deep soft musk - but still with a touch of that lovely honey and a taste of vanilla. A firm new favourite.
By   - Publisher from Sydney, Australia on 5/23/2016
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