What We Do In Paris Is Secret

Eau de Parfum

by A Lab on Fire

What We Do In Paris Is Secret Sizes Available:
60ml $125
0.7ml sample $4
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I wanted to love this scent. It starts off beautiful but something horrible happened. It went from lovely to cloying and mildly nauseating. I get a wallop of tobacco from this and I was surprised to see that there is no tobacco note. I also pick up a huge amount of honey. Interestingly, the scent reminds me of an old Faberge cologne that my mother used to wear in the 60s. I loved it then but now it just makes me slightly queasy. I would probably like it on someone else.
By   - Cat Herder from Deep South on 7/4/2018
it is nice...a little powdery when dry...but subtle. really grows on you! def worth the $4 sample!!!
By   - costumer from los angeles on 4/27/2018
opening, I get a blast of play-doh and hand cream. Dry down is definitely baby powder. This is not a complaint though.
By   - Photographer from Brooklyn, NY on 4/6/2018
Seductive. Pulled in by the perverse element, through a cloud of soft pink powdery heliotrope. My wife loved it, though she wouldn''t wear it outside of a date night. It''s not the sort of thing one would want one''s partner wearing around strange men.... I think I loved it even more than my wife did.
By   - Boring Professional  from D.C. on 3/17/2018
This is definitely in my top five gourmands! I''ve only tried a sample, but it will be my next purchase. The honey and lychee are definitely the main notes in the opening and they last for a good hour on application. The mixture of heliotrope, vanilla, light amber, sweet powdery musk, with a hint of rose all appear in the dry-down. This scent lasts for hours on my skin. It''s definitely powdery in the dry-down, but I love it! A close to the skin scent (not great projection), but the sillage is very good for such a sweet, powdery perfume.
By   - Admin from Toronto on 2/27/2018
What we do in Paris is baby powder, I''m afraid. I didn''t get much more than that. But if you''re looking for baby powder, this one''s for you!
By   - accounting from Atlanta on 2/9/2018
Honey, powder, and soft florals with an overall impression of play-doh. It''s nice, but not for me. I feel like this is for the sort of person who wears white cashmere sweaters. It''s somewhat similar to Poudre De Riz, but a lot calmer and more vanilla-ish.
By   - Programmer from Portland, OR on 6/26/2017
What We Do In Paris Is Secret, oh my, the name is a bit much. But it smells delightful. At first, I smelled baby powder, and I was disappointed. However, I waited and was rewarded with a deep, dark, delicious amber. After maybe an hour or so, there was sort of a spiciness to the amber. It made me think of the space between two people right before they touch, people who have never touched and have been dying to. Much later, the spicy amber smelled a little sugary. I used a tiny drop on my wrists, and I was impressed at the projection. I had a sweet amber cloud of spicy goodness around me. It lasted for about four hours. This is not a simple perfume. It has layers. It makes you think.
By   - teacher from Lake Charles on 5/11/2017
OMG!!! This perfume is oh so, so good! So delicious! I''m not good at describing notes or the smell, all I know is that this one smells really good.... Oh! And 5 stars for fast shipping! I ordered my next batch of samples already! Love Luckyscent!!! You guys are awesome! I''m going to keep coming back to this site!
By   - RN student from Tujunga on 2/8/2017
Where is my Play-Doh note? I WAS PROMISED A PLAY-DOH NOTE!! (ahem) Very pretty, and probably as femme a fragrance as one gets without massive blasts of jasmine rose, this is a soft (thanks tonka), juicy (thanks lychee) honey with distinct almond notes, probably the sandalwood at work. I didn''t get a powdery effect from the musks so much as more softness, but it''s all very nice.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/5/2017
One whiff of this and I knew I had to own it. It seems that honey notes in fragrances go hand in hand with powder, but this is decidedly non-powdery to me. It''s a very balanced mix of sweet honey and flowers and has a slight gourmand feel. Almond isn''t listed as a note but it seems there to me. Get a sample!!
By   - Restaurant Manager from Indiana on 7/9/2016
at the top, sweet honey and light rose. At the bottom: gorgeous deep soft musk - but still with a touch of that lovely honey and a taste of vanilla. A firm new favourite.
By   - Publisher from Sydney, Australia on 5/23/2016
This is pretty, reminds me of a stronger version of mon musc a moi. I get the powdery scent , almost baby powder like followed by rose and vanilla. It''s not a common scent, decent longevity . Not sure if I want a bottle yet, it''s one to wear a few times before I decide.
By   - Sales from Calgary AB on 5/21/2016
Opens very pretty and a little powdery but it''s a soft power that fades. Unfortunately like others comment it turned into to a sweet smelling play doh that I very much disliked and that''s the majority of what it smelled like for the time it lasted. Disappointed because I really liked the opening.
By   - From from New Braunfels on 4/10/2016
For the first 30 minutes, all I could smell was powdery little old lady. But then, suddenly, the scent changed to a gorgeous fruity-honey-flower aroma. It''s sweet but not sickly, and it has a touch of sexiness and surprising complexity. It reminds me of the expensive French perfume my beloved grandma used to wear, except young and modern. Poor sillage and longevity on me, unfortunately.
By   - Audiologist from Orlando on 3/17/2016
No time to be doing anything sneaky in Paris as I''m too busy cozying up to myself. I''ve heard of comfort eating, but not sniffing! Proud to own my first Lucky Scent full bottle of this perfume. It''s rice pudding crossed with a cashmere blanket!
By   - Sales Consultant from Christchurch, New Zealand on 1/24/2016
A bright charming French bonbon of a scent, reminding me of the table of pastel-frosted cakes and nougat-ganache confections Marie Antoinette might be served. Shy flowers, barest whisper of citrus and coy skin musks peer from behind a vanilla-sucree tableau. What it might lack in stamp and definition, it makes up for in girlish, rococo charm and winsome accessibility. Vernal, toothsome and innocently fun. Applied lightly, could even be the first perfume of your favorite tiny girly-girl.
By   - digital artist from boerne, texas, usa on 1/16/2016
Love it! When I image a young New York professional working women, this is one of the fragrance''s I would consider. I''ve read some of the reviews and agree the top note should be toned down a little, but other than that it''s perfect. It''s sweet and mysterious. Try a sample.
By   - Gemology student from New York on 9/29/2015
This is quite nice, but a little sweet, I think, for every day wear. I don''t get the Play-Doh that everyone else seems to get (though I can see how that scent could emerge on someone''s skin). To me, this is a very pinky-red fragrance it reads "cherry vanilla" on me. At this point, I can''t imagine it''s worth the investment for a bottle, but it''s certainly worth trying. I enjoy it, just can''t do it on the regular.
By   - Writer from Austin on 9/23/2015
If you are a perfume nerd of any sort, do get a sample because this is interesting. Everything you hear about a Play-Doh note is true, and it is entertaining to experience the novelty of this. However, I don''t consider this something to add to my collection of full bottles. The honey and salty Play Doh wore off within a half an hour for me, and I ended up with a pleasant but not very exciting sweet vanilla with some sandalwood. Perhaps I am a little bored with gourmand fragrances, and maybe I am starting to think that it is silly to smell so much like a cookie. I kept wishing for it to be a little more intense and heady through the day. I think this would be inoffensive for most occasions, since it stays close to the skin. Also, if you wear gourmands well, this may be great on you. Worth a try!
By   - from Saint Paul on 8/1/2015
What we have here are two wonderful names: both of the brand and the perfume itself. This scent, however, is not very special. It''s vanilla-y, but it is not remarkable. It is pleasant.
By   - Photographer from San Francisco on 7/26/2015
I''m chemically sensitive to most perfumes and tried a sample of this. I love it! I like the progression of scents as it matures on my skin.
By   - from Greenville, SC on 3/12/2015
It is so interesting to read the variety of comments on this one. First, to address the Play-Doh comments - which are both funny and somewhat true. I did get the heavy Play-Doh hit at first, but on me that faded eventually. Someone else said it was masculine, which I find incomprehensible. This is super femme to me, all sugary vanillatonka with an out of reach fruit element. It is the kind of scent you keep going back to your wrists for. I could happily here this in an every day situation.
By   - writer from los angeles on 2/25/2015
looking at the notes listed there is no way I wouldn''t have liked it. a very pleasant and harmonious fragrance.
By  on 2/3/2015
Yes, there is a Play-Doh note in this, and not in a good way. And a lot of cheap-candle vanilla. If you like buying bargain vanilla candles in your local 24-hour megastore when you are hungover, this might be a scent for you. I''m afraid it is very close to a scrubber for me . . . but one caveat: I do not wear vanilla well. If you do, it might be a very different experience.
By   - professor from PA on 1/24/2015
I like it! I''ve smelled another perfume similar to it, but it''s still an uncommon scent that intrigues. There''s so much going on, I have to keep sniffing my wrist quite often. Each time, I get something new, another layer, in the scent.
By  on 1/18/2015
This scent is well-named, as its progression reads like a Henry Miller night of Paris debauchery. It begins, on me (male), with cognac and tobacco on the breath, then stale smoke, then female genitalia, on to anal sex, followed by French, unwashed body odor, then, surprisingly, vanilla and spices. It was gone in a couple hours. The story was fascinating, and I enjoyed the experiment, but I wouldn''t want to be wearing this among people who want me to smell good. I''ll definitely enjoy it now and then when I''m alone, though.
By  on 12/8/2014
I have three phobias, chewing gum, sharks in bathtubs, and play-doh. (If it made any sense, my friends, it wouldn''t be a phobia.) I decided to try What We Do In Paris Is Secret, and poor me, I should have carefully read the reviews below and run the other way. Apparently, what we do in Paris is open a suitcase full of playdoh and wrestle in it for hours, pausing every so often to add sugared almonds to the mixture. I can imagine this smelling lovely on someone else - my best friend, for example, who is completely opposite from me in skin chemistry. She smells delicious in fruit or gourmand scents, and I am much more of a wood, citrus, or floral person. I think I would give her an extra big hug and compliment her on her scent if she wore this, so I know it is just me. Enjoy!
By   - Office from Boston on 10/7/2014
Sweet, sexy, fun, medium sillage, lasts about 4 hours, unique and young, but pretty linear without much evolution. Powdery throughout, from first spray to dry down, but in a pleasant, yummy, "I want to lick it off" kind of way. Will be purchasing more bottles in the future.
By   - from Louisville on 9/8/2014
Not special to me. I get honey better in many other perfumes. Smells too much like baby wipes, sweet and powdery, or maybe like those baby colognes.
By   - Broker on 8/20/2014
So beautiful in the most ordinary way. No one will run away screaming when they smell this on you. It''s a pretty smelling thing, not the weird ones most people need time to learn to appreciate. It smells cozy and familiar, though if you ask me to pinpoint what fragrance it resembles, I can''t really think of one. It just gives this normal, cozy, familiar pretty vibes.
By   - from nyc on 8/11/2014
Yep! A slightly sweeter version of Joop! Le Bain. Rather unusual, rather heavier and opulent, but definitely elegant and leaves an impression. I like how the not too sweet vanilla plays with the spices. I would like to wear this scent at some event in the evening.
By   - Assistent to archaelogists from Kosice, Slovakia on 7/31/2014
Of the same ilk as POTL Luctor et Emergo...at first it''s ''pffftt!'' and ''p-p-p-p-p!'' like a cat expecting cream while sticking her nose in a palette of paint. It''s the initial tolu bomb. Too much tolu does indeed give me the hissy-fits, but the dry down here is well worth. Absolutely, 100% fbw. I may have found my sig!
By   - from English Countryside on 5/29/2014
This is a nice scent, but as other reviews have stated, it is mainly powdery, and what I might expect for an older woman. It does''t smell to me like the name implies.
By   - from Laramie on 5/5/2014
Starts off immediately like playdough. Then, almost immediately turns into homemade sugar cookies. Then, it turns to a lovely sweet scent with an underlying smokiness. Have not idea what''s adding to the smokiness, because it doesn''t seem like the notes indicate something smoky, unless it''s the sandalwood? It''s a lovely fragrance and would be a lovely addition to my collection. Wish Luckyscent sold the smaller versions.
By   - Law Student from DC on 2/15/2014
Definitely masculine. This fragrance is very ''sharp''- with some nice notes struggling beneath. These other notes never manifested but were defeated till the end by the sharpness. Almost a disinfectant quality to this scent, like the smell of a Biology lab. I waited awhile for the scent to calm down, but ended up removing it with rubbing alcohol- the scent of which mirrored that of the fragrance I was removing from my arm.
By   - artist from San Francisco on 11/24/2013
I was excited to try this one. Unfortunately it didn''t smell great on me. I smell as though I am trying to mask being unclean with something really beautiful... and not the sensual unclean. I''m imagining it to be like the smell of masking BO with incredibly good smelling baby powder...
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 8/12/2013
very powdery.
By   - coordinator from Dallas on 4/22/2013
This is a gorgeous perfume. The first time I tried it on, I wasn''t sure of it. I got an overwhelming scent of tobacco -- good pipe tobacco, but tobacco nonetheless. That settled down into a sweet, honeyed rose that was utterly beautiful, but I wasn''t sure of the initial tobacco smell. I tried the perfume again today, and I am smitten. It may be the way it reacts to my body chemistry, but that tobacco smell was gone and all I got was the delicious honeyed amber and rose, with an underlying sandalwood musk that makes this a very sexy perfume. Very womanly. I wore it all day at the furniture market, and even by the end of a day of walking in crowds and strong winds, there was still a whiff of the perfume about me. A few times I passed strangers in the hall who would take a few steps then stop in their tracks and turn around to look. I came straight home and ordered a full bottle. This is my scent.
By   - Home furnishings from Chapel Hill on 4/21/2013
This is nectar, plain and simple. It has a gourmand character- which is to say it''s basically an edible Oriental- but it never tips over into the juvenile or "yummy." I don''t get any baby powder or play-doh, just a succulent, quenching sweetness, honeyed and golden. Unreal. And like every Dominique Ropion creation I''ve ever worn, it has substantial sillage. I''ll be buying more of this.
By   - history student from Seattle on 4/4/2013
This is a magical scent first i got a sample then i recived my first bottleThis week. People stop and ask what I am wearing it last at least 8 hours onMe, y smell every note i cant wait forSummer to really smell the notesHe also makes my most fav parfumePortait of a ladyThat stays on all day as well
By   - parfume sales from sa tx on 3/13/2013
It smells like lovely delicious play-doh! Not in a juvenile way, - but in a comforting, loving feminine role-model wearing kind of way. Reminds me of a kind pre-school teacher. The silage is great in my opinion, and the powderyness is definitely the strong point for the first 30 minutes or so.
By   - from melbourne on 2/26/2013
This is a really beautiful scent! My bottle arrived this morning, and I''ve been sniffing my wrist all day. Creamy, sensual, and honeyed are all great descriptors for this unique perfume. I can really smell the tolu, sandalwood and vanilla, as well as the honey, which is very subtle. Highly recommended!
By   - Scent Slut from Way back on 2/19/2013
This is very long-lasting, sensual and complex. It smelled like vanilla in the bottle, but on me it smelled like a dark version of baby powder. Smoky, complex baby powder. I hate the smell of baby powder so it''s not for me, but it''s a quality perfume and if you like that scent I''d recommend it.
By   - from New York on 2/10/2013
I hate this fragrance when I first spray it. I find it overpowering and I can''t identify what I don''t like but its yucky. Within 45 minutes, it dries to the prettiest scent and I love it! Its sweet but not too sweet, feminine and "creamy" as its been described is very fitting. It has great lasting power, too, and bonus (!) my husband loves it.
By   - from New Orleans, LA on 1/25/2013
Everyone, male & female, stops me to ask about this scent. I''m about to secure another bottle just in case... This smells wonderful for hours - I''m 10 hours in today, and it still smells delicious. But then I used to eat play-doh as a kid when my mom was not looking, and I still love its scent today... Yes, if you look for it you can smell the play-doh, but mostly I get honey and bread and a little floral, which is a little patch of smellable heaven on my wrist.
By   - from Bay Area, CA on 1/23/2013
Powdery and sweet, dry down nicer than top notes. I did get a slight hint of play-doh if I really concentrate!
By   - physician from Colorado Mts on 11/17/2012
This started out smelling DELICIOUS I couldn''t stop sniffing my wrist! I love the intrigue that the name suggests and judging by my husband''s response, a spritz or two could be helpful in catalyzing some kind of secret tryst. Ultimately, though, what remained for me a few hours later was a soapy, plastic note, almost like play-doh! Judging by others'' reviews, I''m assuming it''s just a personal chemistry thing. Certainly worth a shot via sample.
By   - Educator from Chattanooga on 11/13/2012
Yes, personal body chemistry makes a difference. On me, this is a rose car deodorizer soaked in musk. A lot of musk. I was hoping I could love it.
By   - Artist from PHX on 10/22/2012
the turkish rose in this is nice as hell and in a tiny way reminded me of freddie malle''s portrait of a lady which im kinda obsessed with , altho these 2 perfumes are not similar other than the bright rose . then i discover theyre both by dominique ropion and it made complete sense . since buyin a bottle of what we do in paris is secret ive not even wanted to wear anythin else . am thinkin of scoopin a 2nd bottle just in case . i think the price is pretty reasonable also , $110 for 60ml . the girls love it , i mean LOVE it . strangers sittin next to me on the train are like "mmmmmmmm what is that god u smell good" . liquid leg spreader nah just kiddin lol , kinda
By   - nakee pizza boy from chicago on 9/23/2012
Do not believe the hype. Don''t let it influence you when you try this scent.When I first smelled this, I was definitely not impressed, thinking, it wasn''t too groundbreaking, I''ve smelled this before, this is something you''d easily smell on just about anyone else, etc.But then.... there it was. After a couple hours, the typical overly-marketed top notes fade and it dries down into this honey-sexied-spicyness (curiously similar to Putain des Palaces by Etat Libre d’Orange) that I can''t seem to get over. It haunts me. It''s feminine. It''s sweet. It''s sexy with just the perfect amount of spice with a trail of vanilla. Ugh. So now I''m crazy over this marvelous perfume that I wasn''t too enthralled with in the beginning. Bye bye $110.
By   - tech support from Austin on 8/31/2012
Luckyscent describes this perfume as “creamy and honeyed.” That’s it exactly—I’ve never smelled anything so delectable without it being the least bit ‘foodie’ (very important I dislike smelling of snickerdoodle). The scent went on my skin with bergamot and lychee predominating and a hint of powder and sandalwood (which for about one minutes gave just the faintest waft of ''dryer sheet''). But the drydown…! Gorgeously delicious. For all that the scent isn’t very foodlike, it calls to mind the mouthwatering perfection of a well-made crème brûlée (my favorite dessert). Or perhaps it’s just that it’s not a Western sort of foodie smell—I lived for a time in India, and a mix of sandalwood, rose, lychee, vanilla and honey may be just as likely to remind me of the smell outside an Indian confectioner’s shop as of anything else. Whatever the reason, given the savory scent and strong sillage, I can well imagine this perfume being a head-turner regardless of setting or time of day.
By   - Student from Springfield, IL on 8/31/2012
I really enjoyed this one, and I do not find it too sweet. I get a lot of honey and spices. Very pleasant!
By   - consultant from New York on 8/22/2012
Note for note drydown of Amarige de Givenchy, without the sillage.
By   - from Nashville on 6/21/2012
a Scarlett Johansson like fragrance, wonderful. Love it even though I usually wear green scents.
By   - from Berlin on 6/13/2012
Must be experienced! I received more compliments wearing this fragrance than I received with other scents. A clear hit. I love sweet scents and this one rocks!
By  on 5/14/2012
Oh my! Yummy! This scent is heavenly! It''s what I wanted People of the Labyrinth to smell like. It''s more ethereal than POTL but has the same soft cherry, Playdoh note. This time though it''s soft, sexy sweet with a touch of Turkish smoke and a little powder. Apparently, what we do in secret in Paris is indulge in rich buttery cherry pastries, drizzled with honey and a side of vanilla cream gelato while we smoke fruit flavored hookah. Taking quick trips to the ladies room to powder our noses with the finest French "cashmere" makeup talc.
By   - from San Diego on 4/28/2012
This is just incredible--sweet, provacative, long-lasting. Do try it. Maybe you might be in Paris by nightfall!
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 3/19/2012
Maybe too sweet. The initial spray is full of powder but on the dry down I''m definitely pulling an uber warm cherryalmond sweet heat. Very pretty, not super common. I was hoping for a little darkness here, but this scent stays wrapped in a cloud-like cocoon of syrupy volcanic sweetness. The pleasant honey notes were apparent a few hours into the dry down on me. Fairly good sillage. I really do like this...but was taken aback by just how sweet it was. Pretty enough though to make me wish it wasn''t just a limited edition.
By  on 3/6/2012
I liked this the first time I smelled it, but every time I come back to it, it borderlines on being overly sweet. Feels like a super concentrated version of Luctor et Emergo, with that Play-Doh powder, some almond, drowning in syrupy maraschino cherries.
By   - designer from Los Angeles on 3/5/2012
Never have I been so impatient for the opening to fade, but then the powder-fest melts into bright warm sweetness. I could still smell it this morning when I woke up. Well-made and multi-faceted, like a gem with the sun glinting off its different notes. More of a chai latte than a milk shake. The dry down is worth waiting for. This is a hug in winter.
By  on 2/17/2012
This is a ringer for Marcella of Paris - Primeur pour Femme, which I love & is very hard to find. Lovely.
By  on 2/10/2012
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