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Rahele Sizes Available:
60ml $235
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Rahele...
This is beautiful. I am a fan of rose-leather-patch blends so the odds were in its favor, but everything is blended with a seamlessness that sets Rahele above other rose-leather-patch scents. The rose here is more dewy and fresh, helped by osmanthus and mandarin, than the candied rose in Mohur (which remains my favorite NVC scent, but reads as more of a comfort scent than Rahele). I don't see black tea in the notes but there is a tea-like accord to my nose that reminds me of another favorite rose chypre, Teo Cabanel Oha. Like the other NVC scents (and their creators), it's complex and sophisticated. I am not a chypre fan in general because they tend to go "sour" on my skin, but Oha and Rahele are exceptions. Just delicious.
By   - Soft Robotics from U.S.A. on 4/17/2019
The soft side of NVC. Radiance, osmanthus, greens, this is a marriage between classical French perfume and Indian opulent tradition. Smooth, meditative. It lasts incredibly long on my skin, in all its subtlety and complexity. A glow of beautiful things that brings me within the boundaries of an enhanced mode of existence. A silk theme, it's a cloak of radiance. It can be worn anywhere, at any time, can carry any mood, formal and informal. Makes for a lovely intimate form of company.
By   - artist from Brooklyn on 4/3/2019
For my nose and skin, the whiff of bergamot here never energizes the Emeraude + musk gestalt, nor do the spices excite. This dries down sweetly to lilac and not much else.
By   - Words & music from Phoenix, AZ on 8/1/2018
This one did not float my boat. But when you consider that I'm not a floral person, and look at the number of florals represented, I guess it shouldn't surprise. I just find it hard to say no to the sampler sets so I gave these a try. I agree with the reviewer comments that it is a rich scent,
By   - writer from chicago on 4/14/2018
Rahele is gorgeous, the perkier sister of Mohur, juicy and almost drinkable but with the same soft leathery depth. Like all NVCs, the composition is as smooth as a high-end blended scotch, with abundant sillage and long wear. The mandarin and osmanthus give the scent a bright accord that evokes a sort of sophisticated tropical punch, yellow rather than red, but grounded with roses and woody and leather notes so it melts into the skin. This one is a winner.
By   - nada from midwest usa on 1/9/2017
This is my second review from the "Un-boxing Day" samples. This is a glorious floral chypre, almost as nice as biehl parfumkunstwerke's a101. Not quite as rich or vintage chic, but certainly a contender in my top 10 favorites created by others. Love these samples and hope that you got them too.
By   - Perfumer from Boston on 1/7/2017
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