Cire Trudon

II (Deux)

Eau de Parfum

II (Deux) Sizes Available:
100ml $210
0.7ml sample $5

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Here's what other people are saying about II (Deux)...
I could imagine spending my life chasing the opening notes of this. It's so perfectly green without being a gagging chypre. Truly a snapped branch. It quickly dissolves into something much more floral. Luckily it's gorgeous and on my skin becomes the best kind of sweet. Not cloying at all, just pure spring flowers with a hint of rain. 100 percent worth a full bottle for me.
By   - Gardener/DJ from Salt Lake City on 7/21/2020
A green and earthy scent.... Literally smells like green grass in a meadow. It is fresh and green! Sooo good!
By   - Project Manager from Los Angeles on 2/8/2019
Green, fresh, juicy, a little fruity. I do detect something figgy in it-but juicy fig, rather than a dry kind ala Philosykos. Maybe reminds me a little of DS&Durga Debaser, which is also a juicy, wet green fig. I like it and think it’s well done. I’m just not particularly drawn to that genre generally except maybe an infrequent craving when it’s hot out, so it’s probably my least favorite of the collection.
By   - Sniffologist  from NYC on 12/28/2017
Not for me....but it's very green, very reminiscent of freshly cut branches, herbs and such. I would mix it with a floral in my cache of fragrances and see what happens to that mixture. All alone it's more masculine (and I love most men's fragrances ...but) so I'd give it to my husband.
By   - Healthcare Sales from San Diego on 11/16/2017
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