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i blind bought this based on the prior review. citrus and musk sound very appealing! since my beloved barneys is gone and covid store closings i cant smell these in person, thus i rely on instinct and the few candle reviews out there. cyrnos is citrus but it still has that cire trudon quirkiness . its not a banal, ordinary citrus. lavender and cedar add woodsy depth to the lemon and fruity fig. its refreshing but not bright and zingy. theres something rounder and darker there filling out the citrus top. its quite pleasant. not exactly what i prefer but im still enjoying the fragrance. i would say cyrnos would appeal to a wider audience than other cire trudons because of the citrus/fruits. for reference, my fav is balmoral
By   - barber from chicago on 1/31/2021
Not my favorite of the stand alone candles. The citrus lends a nice contrast to the overall rather musky scent.
By   - Student from Denver on 2/14/2017
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