Abd El Kader

Natural wax candle

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For me, Abd El Kader evokes the sensual experience of being in a quiet garden, your personal paradise. It's early morning and the dew on the plants creates a humid aura causing the organic fragrances to hang in the air. As you brush against the outstretched leaves and blossoms you breathe in their sweet and tangy scents, blended with the damp earthy aroma emitting from your silent footsteps. Thank you for finding this exquisite, timeless fragrance.
By   - Librarian (retired) from Georgetown, TX on 4/17/2015
I get a strong basilic note from this. Very green and herbal. Fresh but minty. Lovely in summer.
By   - from umea on 11/9/2014
The fragrance is great - - kind of a minty tea that reminds me slightly of my childhood in the middle east. The candle does its job but doesn't overwhelm the senses. I keep the candle on my living room table and I can smell it unlit from my couch. So some of the time I don't even light it. Truth is, I am not convinced I need to spend this much on a candle.
By   - MBA Student from Chicago on 12/8/2013
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