L'homme infini

Eau de Parfum

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I get the Terre comparison, but this one feels richer and more fleshed out, and Terre makes me feel a little nauseous when I wear it (despite loving it in small, brief doses). Don't get me wrong, I love JCE, and have lots of Hermes, but, despite some similarities, the woods in this one are much richer, the citrus is less screechy, and everything is more rounded. I wear this year-round, and it never fails to delight.
By   - Musician from Bethlehem on 1/9/2020
This is a fantastic fragrance. It could be signature scent. It is reserved, with cool woods and a scintillating but smoothe mix of incense spices. There is an aloof, otherworldly attitude with it . When I think of how rare it is for a fragrance composition to not try to overdo and to really make a statement of singular quality, I realize that many scents that accomplish this quality were created by the same talented perfumer. Yann Vasnier.
By   - artist from midwest on 1/10/2013
Pretty good, but too similar to Terre d'Hermes costing a lot more money (and Terre d'Hermes is superior).
By  on 12/24/2012
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