Manguier Metisse
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50ml $125
0.7ml sample $4
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MM is quite simply the following: delicious, brilliant, sweet and woody, fresh and mango fruity. The ONLY fault is that its longevity is lacking. I love to use this after a shower. This is the only fragrance that I have ever desired to have the layering ensemble of soap/gel, body cream, and deodorant. I LOVE this mango mix!
By   - Vagabond from The News on 7/14/2016
A very nice perfume. The dry down is very like a very pleasant powder. Not sure I like it enough for the FB. But it is delicate and pleasant. I grew up with frangipani trees in Indonesia and was so hoping that this scent would capture that amazing scent. But I really didn't smell the frangipani at all :(
By   - Therapist from Franklin,TN on 2/1/2016
I read the description of this scent and thought I probably wouldn't care for it. I don't care for mango fruit and tropicals in general. But athough I wouldn't purchase it for myself, I would love to sit next to the woman wearing it on the light rail commuting to work. It is expertly and seamlessly blended, as smooth as the proverbial baby's behind. It suggests tropical without shouting about it. I'm bowled over with the expertise behind this scent. If you happen to like warm fruity florals- grown up style- with a touch of powder, run, don't walk, for your credit card. This is a winner.
By   - HR from Denver on 4/30/2015
Wow, I'm pretty bummed because it's hard to know which scent to get first from this amazing line. This is a lovely dichotomy of sweet fruits meets dry woods. I love it, earthy & rich all at once, sophisticated & simple. If you like complex scents but think many haute brands are just too much try some samples from this line. I adore it and can't wait to start collecting their scents. They are soft and not over the top but so lovely.
By  on 3/12/2015
Absolutely gorgeous and delicious.
By   - Real Estate from Miami Beach on 10/30/2014
My goodness! What a disarming fragrance! I don't normally do gourmand, and I don't tilt toward obvious vanilla. Fruity? Sorta, occasionally, mostly not really. I actually bought the sample because I love frangipani, so I gambled - and totally won. To be honest, it didn't win me over immediately. But something told me to be patient that day, and so I waited to scrub... and five minutes later, it melted into a silky sundress of a fragrance and I can't stop sniffing my wrist. ALCHEMY I tell you. If you love these things, you will love this. If you feel inexplicably drawn, well, just trust the impulse. And, as previous commenters have noted: give it time to melt, which it will, and then you are likely to do the same.
By   - Bookseller from Pasadena, CA on 8/20/2014
A very feminine and smooth blend that melted warmly onto my skin. It reminded me alot of Tocca's 'Cleopatra' - it was almost identical, I couldn't believe it! I enjoyed my sample, but I'm not desperate to purchase a full bottle.
By   - from Melbourne on 2/17/2012
Very smooth and creamy floral. Reminds me of Narciso Rodriguez for her edp (pink bottle).
By   - from Honolulu on 11/12/2011
A beautiful creamy floral that is very soft.
By   - from Zephyrhills, FL on 6/15/2011
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