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Rarely do I think an expensive fragrance is worth a large amount of money, but Opardu is worth the price. It's an extrait, lasts for hours and is a simply beautiful scent of lilac and white florals. There are many lilac fragrances on the marketer but none of them even come close to Opardu. This is a fresh floral, not a sweet floral, for a woman or man who knows their own mind and doesn't want to smell like anyone else.
By   - Lawyer from Tallahassee, FL on 2/11/2020
To me this is a fragrance for a mature woman, not a young woman. It's okay, not worth the investment in my opinion, however I'm glad to get the opportunity to sample it.
By   - Gemology student from New York on 9/29/2015
I adore Opardu! Out of all the fragrances I have tried this is my favorite! It's very elegant,luxurious ,classic and romantic!!! Every time I wear it I feel most feminine and sexy! You wii really enjoy it!!
By   - Realtor from Toronto on 2/11/2015
Out of Puredistance 1, Antonia and Opardu, this one is by far the nicest! I smell lilac and gardenia at first spray. The sillage is acceptable. This is a fresh, spring bouquet of flowers. Mmmmm, very nice. Typically fragrances dont permiate to well on my skin or they turn horrible. Not this one!
By  on 4/26/2014
I am in love with this Opardu. It is the most elegant perfume I know. Everybody around ask me what I'm wearing... I know, the price is horrible, but at least I have the best option to go out with the best of me... You can go all day long with it, you'll feel it everywhere... So feminine, even when I am in jeans and riding my moto.... I love contrasts, I am a big fan of all extreme sports, but my perfume and my lingerie must be extremely feminine. Si it's this Opardu, you can't ignore it, as a man, if a woman next to you is wearing it....:)
By   - writer from Monaco on 10/24/2013
We do not wish to reverse the arrow of time. We have learned much ... and yet .... the romance and opulence of another era are carried in our souls and longed for in our hearts. The beautiful Opardu whispers this truth to us. She is an enabler who tells us to take pleasure in our dreams!
By   - Attorney from New York on 12/16/2012
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