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There is nothing about this scent i like. It is pure chemical yuck. I am not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't this.
By   - Student from Perth on 9/5/2014
Really lovely, super fresh incense. Doesn't feel heavy, churchy or smokey (which can be great, but sometimes you want something bright). Refreshing and uplifting, eye-opening without even a hint of stridency or harshness. Could have been named Clarity. I get that people will compare this to CdG Avignon, but one big difference is Craft has many times the longevity (while still well-behaved as far as silage). Not an incense for a stone gothic cathedral, this is for sunwashed outdoors-- wore it outside working in the yard in 90 degree heat and smiled every time I caught a wiff. Will be ordering a full bottle.
By  on 5/17/2014
It is a beautiful fragrance that suits me perfectly. I love the dry down so much, I want to lick it off of my arms
By   - retired floral designer from new caney on 12/8/2013
No pine to my nose and it does manage the nifty trick of keeping an icy edge to a sugary-incensy center. But as "cold" scents compare, I'm over the moon for The Different Company's De Bachmakov.
By   - Librarian from Bay Area on 3/10/2011
I so wanted to love this scent because I appreciate avant-garde approaches to perfumery, as illustrated by the offerings of Commes des Garcons and similar. However, the nose-fizzing aldehydes and sharp woods did indeed have me thinking of pine: specifically, the pine-tree-shaped air freshener that hangs from the rear-view mirror. I asked three people to smell my sample and tell me if it reminded me of anything, and two of the three spontaneously mentioned the pine-tree air freshener. Although I very much like the *idea* behind Craft, I find it pretty much unwearable in practice. For incense and evergreen, Norma Kamali Ceremony is a better option.
By   - from Chicago on 2/28/2011
To me this is the fragrance of year. I love the coolness mixed with the incense. I am surprised to hear people say it smells like pine air freshener. Seriously? Waaaaay off. I get the incense and the ice with wood. I love this fragrance for it's complex elegance. My husband and I are both wearing it with great success.
By   - Designer from Los Angeles on 2/8/2011
I was lured by the name, I won't lie. Straight out of the sample vial and on my wrist for 10 minutes, it's soap. Then, it's fresh white laundry in the wind of a sea-side cliff, where the sea is more of a visual than a smell. Not sure where incense or citrus come into play. Over time it softens considerably and develops complexity, morphing into, accurately enough, metallic, icy, cold cedarwood, and reminds me of really fancy aftershave. Not something I'd wear, frankly, even though I like cold scents a lot. However, it is an interesting scent that after the first soapy shock unfolds landscapes of associations. Very suitable for men, btw, so I don't know why the labelling is skewed in the "femme" direction on the scale. It is totally unisex, and in fact, I think it is one of those scents I rather smell on someone else than wear.
By   - MA student from Ottawa on 2/8/2011
First off, let me thank Lucky-scent for even offering samples to try perfume, it saves me so much money on buying what I think would be a wonderful perfume! I was intrigued by these new perfumes and have ordered all three by Andrea Maack. Craft by Andrea Maack is not doing it for me. I have to agree with the other comments. It DOES smell like a pinesol/pinetree car airfreshener. So, this was not a good sample for me, but if you like a cool, woodsy, pine forest smell then this is for you-
By   - Teacher from West Cape May, NJ on 2/4/2011
I really, really wanted to like this. I have been looking for a "cold" scent, and I thought this might fit the bill. Cold + wood sounded perfect. I think the bottle looks beautifully minimalist as well (from the picture). However, this was a definite scrubber for me. I am open to "weird" or unintuitive smells, but this smells just like pine-in a bad, bad way. It's a dead ringer for pinesol. It doesn't even have any of the intriguing facets of pine: sap, needles, greenery. Just pine in an undustrial cleaner sense.
By  on 2/3/2011
I was completely sucked in by the branding of the Andrea Maack perfumes and immediately ordered samples of her perfumes. Craft is the first sample I've tried and I'm surprised at how bad it is. It just smells like gone-off medicine on me! I've thrown my sample away and hope I have better luck with the other two perfumes in the range.
By   - Health from London on 2/3/2011
This scent is not at all what I expected. Unless it was labeled wrong..It stinks like pine sap or a cheap car freshner. It actually made me sick trying to get rid of the smell. Sample went in the trash.
By   - Financial Call Center Rep from Duluth on 1/29/2011
I sampled all of the Andrea Maack fragrances and this one was my least favorite; not to say that it didn't smell good, but it's just not my style. It's the most evocative of Iceland, Reykjavik in particular, because it smells like metal with waft of melting snow and cedar trees. Like all the Maack perfumes, it's well-balanced and had excellent staying power. I also found this the most unisex of the scent, I had my husband sample it smelled wonderful on him.
By   - professional from midwestern college town on 1/27/2011
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