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Cristallo di Rocca

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Cristallo di Rocca...
DIVINE!! On me, it starts with a luscious burst of the first six notes listed, flowery and feminine in the most impeccable, bright, elegant, smile-inducing mix I've ever smelled; then quickly (too quickly, in fact, but no matter!!) morphs into cloves with hints of rum, sandalwood and vanilla; until it all mellows down into something so seamlessly blended as to be indescribable — and utterly addictive. The sum total is HEAVEN: not too dainty, not gourmand, not simplistic, but also not indolic, not pungent, not plastic-y or chemical-smelling, and not overdone. It is the layered, complex-yet-still-somewhat-delicate, sophisticated floral/vanilla fragrance I've been searching for all this time. I have finally found my FB-worthy fragrance!!!
By   - Artist from San Francisco on 9/16/2020
I was sorry to find that this scent is too cloying and sweet for me. The opening is very very nice--for about the first 5 minutes.
By   - writer from Chicago on 7/11/2019
I do not know the words to describe how beautiful this perfume smells. Whenever i am wearing it i get so many compliments. People ask me what perfume I am wearing but because of the Italian name i cannot remember it. One lady told me i smelled like cotton candy. I dont think thats an accurate description but the lady keeps asking me the name. I have written it down to give to her next time I see her. One man was kissing my ne k because he couldn't get enough of the fragrance. I love it but for some reason when I wear a perfume for awhile i can't smell it on me anymore. I wonder if that happens to others. I like to try new scents all the time.
By   - RNl from TOMS RIVER on 6/17/2019
A very rich and yummy delight for the senses! I absolutely adore it!!!
By   - Actress from Wonderland on 5/2/2019
Definitely a rich, well balanced, decadent delight! FBW!!!!!!!!!
By   - Actress from Wonderland on 4/30/2019
Hold the presses! I rushed to judgment on this one, giving it only 3 stars based upon the opening. It has settled down into something quite beautiful and I keep sniffing my wrists and saying Ummmmm. Now this is a gourmand I can love! Not yet convinced it is full bottle worthy and I may request some additional samples to try under different circumstances, but right now I am enamored with the scent on my wrists!
By   - Psychotherapist  from Plainsboro on 10/3/2018
I noticed the previous reviewers mentioning that they get no rum from this. The moment I put it on, I was overwhelmed by the smell of spiced rum. It is a very boozy, very gourmand scent on me. As she settles, buttery, vanilla caramel is becoming predominate. I get no citrus, no floral. It leans closer to the feminine. I do not consider this an Oriental in the least. On my, she is pure gourmand. We shall see what the dry down brings, but while I imagine this would be a love for some, it is not something I can see myself wearing.
By   - Psychotherapist  from Plainsboro on 10/3/2018
I think this scent would be great on the right person, for me it wasn't really what I love. It's somewhat spicy, warm, woody, and definitely feminine. I smelled no almond, no vanilla, no rum, but yes spices and flowers which are very nicely blended. The sillage medium, not overpowering but definitely there. Lasting power was good, I could smell it hours later. It softens out some over time, becomes more warm and less spicy. Overall I think it is well done and worth a try for anyone curious about it. It may just be magic for someone else.
By   - . from Puerto Rico on 5/26/2017
A big surprise for me. No chai latte, no almond, no rum. A nice, warm woody fragrance that musks up after about two hours. I amp musk, so you may not. Worth a try for sure, but not FBW for me. However, Ambra, the other sample I ordered, is a different story. . . love.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 12/5/2015
soft feminine NOT overpowering i smell vanila and almond but not in an almond joy way.... these bottles are lovely and this is on my wish list for my birthday. already have Ambria and it is divine too.
By   - talent agent from st pete on 3/14/2015
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