Omnia Profumo


Eau de Parfum

100ml $185
0.7ml sample $4
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I mistakenly posted a review for this and it was meant for Platino. The garden fairy review. :-) This is lovely as well! A gorgeous Spring scent, in fact. Crisp and fresh! Perhaps the scent of fairy wings just before Sunrise.
By   - Actress from Wonderland on 4/29/2019
This is so yummy! A soft sweet gourmand bouquet that lasts! It is what the garden fairies must powder their noses with. Full bottle for me! If you love Nobile Rosa Incantevole Trio and Nobile Bon Bon Trio you will swoon over this too!.
By   - Actress from Wonderland on 4/29/2019
Oooooh, this is a pretty one with a sexy undertone. Imagine a girl in a light summer dress, looking as sweet and innocent as an ingenue could be. Then a gust of wind catches her skirt, and before she can smooth it back into place, you catch a glimpse of some very grown-up red silk underthings beneath.
By   - human resources from denver on 1/4/2016
Oro is a warm and spicy blend. I smell mostly the patchouli and the incense. If it were a color, indeed it would be in the gold tone family. It reminds me a quite a bit of Chanel Chance. The silage and lasting power are reasonable. Overall, this is nice but just not at all what I would wear or what I was looking for. worth trying the sample.
By   - from puerto rico on 4/3/2013
16 years school....rendering class....a very lovely grad student sat down next to me and i fell in love. She smelled just like this. She was wearing Angel by Thierry Mugler, before it was so painfully trendy, before the recipe changed. This smells so much like that beautiful scent I fell in love with 16 years ago, but now smelling Angel makes me gag! Love this, though.
By  on 11/1/2011
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