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Eau de Parfum (Atomizer Spray)

100ml $175
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Onice...
Opens with something green, fades to a not-overpowering licorice, and ends up a generic wood. A clean scent, although a little weird.
By  on 4/18/2013
Smells exactly like Zeisner's Curry Ketchup - which although tastes great on German sausages, it does not make for an enticing perfume.
By   - from central New York on 5/10/2011
The celery scent puts me off....scrubber on does mellow down a bit, but all i smell is celery.I do not like this one.
By  on 2/12/2009
received the sample, i am wearing it to bed, it smells wonderful, i'm going to sleep like a BABY tonite.
By   - nurse from texas on 1/21/2009
Celery! Crisp, delicate celery! Oh, no...what's that? Curry...but soft and sweet. Now...there's the jasmine and mint, but ever so soft. Where is this taking me now? I think I've got the nutmeg. This stuff is fun, unusual, but NOT weird. It's like tasting a giggle. Avoid this if you want your fragrance to announce itself to the room. Try it if you like something delicate.
By   - from Abilene, Tx on 1/21/2009
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