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Here's what other people are saying about Baume du Doge...
After using up almost an entire sample of Baume Du Doge this morning, loving it, and reading so many references that don't fit my experience: On me, this is a soft, rich, balmy, incense scent, with a slight smokiness. I get no orange, citrus, or Christmas feel from it. It's easy to wear in the summer, and I live in Texas, where it will be 100 degrees today. My current fav is Dark Oud by Montale and I'm going to buy a FB of this one next. TRY it.
By   - from Texas on 8/26/2014
Christmas?!? Well, perhaps memories of the incense at midnight mass, or dreams of the gifts brought by the Magii to the infant Jesus... but certainly not pine boughs and hot toddies. This is a powerful oriental blend, exotic and sensual. I enjoy the spice and "balm" notes... it's like something that might have been purloined from a souk in Tangier. Loving the opulence and resinous sultriness, but at the same time not thinking this is something I would wear often out into the world. Definitely way too aggressively sexy for the office. And while this is rated as dead-center unisex, my wife felt that it's definitely more suited for men. Dark, mysterious men (I'm pale and green eyed). Four stars for being a gorgeous blend, though.
By   - from Providence on 8/13/2014
ordered for holiday time and it reminded me of dad burning orange peels on stove... that told us it was christmas. this is lovely fall winter.... i get alot of compliments on it!
By   - talent agent from st pete on 1/3/2013
I tried this first time on a 7 degree grey dismal day. It was a ray or warm sunshine. It is like molten gold..warm and spicy and comforting. It was a perfect way to cozy up today, and it makes me feel good
By   - Insurance Agent on 1/21/2012
I'm not particularly aboard the "Smells like Christmas!" train either, but BdG *is* dry and spicy with a cool layer of myrrh under a dusty vanilla, so I can see where the sentiment is coming from. The scent is light and easy to wear, and won't blast everyone out of the room when you walk in, despite its long list of spicy notes. But I think you have to really enjoy the smell of myrrh to get into it. I like myrrh when it's in a nicely balanced composition, and BdG is certainly nicely balanced.
By   - from Auckland on 12/19/2010
really nice scent. it does remind me of the L de lolita lempicka a lot. or A-men from mugler but less intense of course
By   - Quality from Atlanta on 6/18/2010
this is very differenet, I like it very much, i dont think it smells anything like christmas,but it has a very sweet and spice to it , very well done I do know with fragrance the one around you will like it to,it has a very well ballance scent to this is a keeper for those who want to have something that no one else has this is one ,very nice im happy i found this site , the one thing for sure is that i will be making more choices from luckyscents ,Ialso want to say there great with having the best in customer service thank for the help ALKOHA.
By   - drug and alhcohal rehab treatment ascociate from hnolulu hawaii on 9/3/2009
HI, i would like to thank those who wrote great comments on this fragrance, this is what i have looked forand from your comments on this fragrance have made it very happy to buy this scent,THANKS and i will give my comments when i have tried this ,THANK YOU LUCKYSCENTS.ALOHA
By   - treatment associate from kapolei hawaii on 8/30/2009
This does smell like Christmas, I've never thought of Christmas as sexy, though.
By  on 8/10/2009
I've been in a spiced orange mood lately and this fits the bill and then some. I love it! It familar and unique all at the same time. Well done.
By  on 2/2/2009
Starts of with a loud bang - has Christmas ever smelled so gorgeous? After five minutes there is not the slightest hint of oranges anymore - it turns to a beautiful, spicy, unisex scent. Very sexy on a man- for me a bit too much on the masculine side. But for all men: Please try this, women will love your for it...
By  on 1/15/2009
This started off with a lovely burst of citrus, then segued into the frankincense and spices, drying down to a soft but very discernible myrrh note.
By   - from san diego on 11/22/2008
I really like both this and the new Elixir, but this is certainly the sexier, bolder, more extroverted scent of the two. The combination of spices and citrus and woods dries down to a beautiful earthy skin scent that I can't stop smelling. I love orientals and complex, sexy, spicy scents, and this is just right for me.
By   - from NYC on 11/21/2008
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