Eau d'Italie

Magnolia Romana

Eau de Toilette

Magnolia Romana Sizes Available:
100ml $140
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Magnolia Romana...
This fragrance is fresh and green, with a detectable aquatic tone. It dries down to a floral, modern, feminine fragrance that smells clean and slightly oceanic. If you like different fragrances that are "other than the norm, say from a department store, you might enjoy this one. I encourage a sample purchase first.
By   - Esthetician and Artist from Denver on 1/26/2011
I love this! It reads fresh, lightly floral/clean and lasts quite a long time on me. I now wear it every day.
By   - special events decorator from Cleveland on 10/8/2008
Very strong scent,just Bad, if you are into REALLY pungent funeral parlor fragrances you might appreciate this. However! wait a minute...I ADORE every thing else from this line!
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 9/7/2008
My own taste veers toward heavy scents, so I suspect this may be ok and just not for me. That said, I got a wispy waft of the promised magnolia, then got something which smelled like very very clean shaving water or aftershave or my mental imagining of old barbershops -- and then nothing. I'm tremendously in love with Paestum Rose and had high hopes for the rest of the line but, alas.
By   - law from nashville on 7/8/2008
This wore very powdery on me. Softly floral in the background, but the very mild but persistent powder made it quite boring. Not what I expected from the note list.
By  on 7/2/2008
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