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Eau d’Italie is not afraid to send wearers on a journey with its fragrances: If Sienne l’Hiver asked you to tiptoe out of your wardrobe and into a muddy Narnia, Bois d’Ombrie sweeps up you and your farmhouse and flings you into Oz. (Some farmhouse, by the way -- fireplaces and cognac and well-loved leather-upholstered seats and just a bit of damp earth on the doorstep.) The Cuban tobacco note is robust without being dank, probably to the credit of that highly civilized iris. To be worn with tweed and a belief in the value of hearts, courage, and brains.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/6/2017
Can't believe this is a man's fragrance as this smells very feminine on me. Green and spicy. The next morning I am still sniffing my wrist which is a gentle green, spicy and warm smell with a touch of sweetness. Love this fragrance. Definitely one of my favourites.
By   - Retired from Wellington on 4/27/2016
Strong iris top note, then carrot & leather in passing, then it goes to a nice smoke, finally fades into a light church-incense, which I guess is myrrh. I only wish it were 10x stronger. It is very very nice.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 2/29/2016
Wonderfully approachable! This is certainly a crowd pleaser, with it’s boozy tobacco and woodiness and a moderate level of sweetness. Wore to the office today, and it fits very well in the workplace. Eventually settles into a slightly powdery/sweet incense and tobacco. Sillage is low to moderate, and lasts 4-6 hours on me. Thumbs up!
By   - Not for Profit from Chicago on 11/30/2015
just got a sample of this guy here. its not hard to see why there is such a difference in ratings. people are gonna love or hate it. personally, i cannot stop sniffing my wrists. this scent is very hard to categorize. i haven't really smelled anything like it... it has this sort of wild gaminess, the ineluctable repugnance/ecstasy of a springtime thaw. on my skin it kind of comes across light, jubilant even - despite the dark resinous notes that are at the fore. it lasts long enough that its narrative lasts most of the day. i'm definitely considering a full bottle, but man, that packagings a real eyesore, no?
By  on 1/21/2015
Surprised to see its classification as ultra masculine. I usually tend to buy pefumes that are "very pink" on the Luckyscent scale, but this sample enchanted me as a piece of feminine sophistication and that of romantic dream. There's much of hot and rough Italian air to it. Definitely iris and tobacco... very unusual too!
By   - teacher from Switzerland on 10/3/2012
Agree completely with the "campfire/bbq descriptions. Smells like someone who's been partying at a bonfire. Not a scrubber in my book, but wouldn't personally want to smell like burning trash. Yet strangley I still keep wanting to smell my wrist.Wonder if it would layer well with another Eau d'Italie frag.
By   - from Evansville on 7/11/2012
On my skin, it opens green and ends spicy. Cool and warm. It lasts and lasts. Love it. Even in our Texas heat, but now I'm on the quest for some Mint scents.
By   - from Dallas on 4/27/2012
Received a sample of this, and after giving it a few shots, ultimately, it really did not get along with my nose.
By   - from Dallas on 1/1/2012
What a great scent. Very nice for this time of year. There's something very earthy, natural, and unique about this fragrance. It feels like it was created a very long time ago,and it takes you back there. Awesome.
By   - sales from austin on 10/21/2011
This is a fantastic scent! It is one of those scents that is a symphony to the nose. I find myself smelling my wrist throughout the day. It may be too heavy for hot/warm weather. I see this as a Fall/Winter or early Spring scent.
By   - Attorney from Fort Worth on 7/1/2011
Didn't work much for me. I usually like incense fragrances, but this had a really bad "campfire" smell, and not much more to offer. A "scrubber".
By  on 10/25/2010
perpetual october bottled. signature scent.
By  on 9/26/2010
I love this. Very sophisticated and professional, but somehow still warm. When I'm wearing it, I feel soothed... by midday I find my nose resting against my wrist, in the midst of everything. Whenever I've walked into a humidor, my eyes tear from the strong cigar smell. Somehow this fragrance references that smell but in a really great way. On me it's not masculine at all. Just really perfect!
By   - PMM from Chicago on 4/20/2010
This makes me want to cry. It's the polar opposite to Sienne L'Hiver, warm where Sienne is cold. It's somehow a familiar scent, comforting, but strange. It reminds you of a time and a place you can't quite put your finger on. It smells like the past. It puts me in mind of glowing beeswax church candles, old home-brewed remedies, dust and smoke and wood. It's glorious. Dark yet soothing, disturbing yet somehow warmly nostalgic. Very hard to describe as it appeals to your individual memory and all your senses, rather than just to the nose. Gloriously glowing for dark, foggy days.
By   - from England on 11/22/2009
Smells of a lovely, stately home library with antique leather books, polished mahogany wood furniture, a glass of cognac on the table, and a smoky wood fire in the fireplace. Calming, sophisticated, and utter class. Would probably best suit a man, but I'm a woman and it goes smashingly with a tweed suit on an autumn walk.
By   - from London on 9/16/2009
I'll offer a contrasting opinion to the one below and state that Bois d'Ombrie is one of the more interesting and striking woods + smoke fragrances I've encountered. Obviously high quality and definitely well-crafted -- there's a distinct campfire in the forest quality to its opening, but it gets smoother as time passes, leaning towards the patchouli and incense direction without turning into an outright incense fragrance. The inclusion of the tobacco note is a nice touch.
By   - Communications from Dallas on 8/17/2008
Just ordered this as a sample along with 4 others. Have to say this was the only one that did not work at all. My wife described it as a "dirty bar-b-que" and to me it smelled somewhat like an ashtray in the corner of a little old ladies parlor.
By   - from san diego on 7/23/2008
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