Black Aoud

Eau de Parfum

by Montale

Black Aoud Sizes Available:
50ml $120
100ml $170
0.7ml sample $4
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This scent is fantastic. I received it in a sample and received it as a gift later. It is strong, lasts long and has a great scent that wears really well. Compliments all of the time. Will buy again. Excellent fragrance.
By   - Logistics  from Edinburg on 2/7/2018
I received a sample of this first scent I thought ..... ewww this is gonna be nasty. Still ended up giving it a try, put it on and dissipated if I should take a shower and wash this off. It calmed down a bit and I decided to go about my business. WOW I''m glad I didn''t rinse it off because once it dried dow what a beautiful scent. Masculine rose scent. I really really like it....
By   - Project Manager from Jersey City on 2/25/2017
Quite good! It is a refined and elegant rose, appropriate for many different occasions. It started off with a somewhat soapy note, but that settled down quickly. The oud came out subtly in the middle, but the rose remained dominant. There was also a little something that seemed a tiny bit spicy in there. The sillage was not strong on me, but that is perfect for my work day. It was perceptible for about 7 hours, but not strongly so after the first hour. I think this is gender neutral, and recommend trying it if you enjoy rose scents that don''t overwhelm.
By   - from Saint Paul on 7/10/2015
This is one of my all-time favorites. It doesn''t last on me for very long but it smell wonderful on me. It reminds me of another fragrance I know that works best if you have some fat on your body. I suspect if you are extremely lean it won''t smell as exotic or alluring. I would love to hear from those who have disliked it on whether or not they were of the "model thin" type or if my theory is just plain off-base?
By   - Author from Atlanta and Tallahassee on 10/10/2014
Based on the reviews and the fact that Montale makes one of my favorite perfumes (Sweet Oriental Dream) I purchased a sample of this but only just now realized that on the femmasc scale this is closer to Masc, which might be why I hated it. I find fragrances geared towards men to be too strong and this one was over-powering. After just a few minutes I was scrubbing it off. I can''t see why a woman would wear this, and wouldn''t want to be around anyone wearing it. Just awful.
By   - mailman/photographer from Chester,VA on 8/16/2014
This is my initial frag (Using this cultish abbreviation just slays me) review, so please cope with my pedestrian and generic verbiage. I love fragrance. My olfactory sense is legendary and has caused me many moments of discomfort. I have been very "middle of the road" with my scents in the past:Monsieur de Givenchy, Caron Vetiver, Hermes Bel Ami, etc. Montale Black Aoud was my first venture into the exotic. I guess it smelled okay. There was a faint aroma of the casbah, but it simply didn''t last. I spent New Year''s Eve in Istanbul and felt a scent called Black Aoud would be a perfect accompaniment for a furtive and exciting evening. Thus, I spritzed myself like a poodle at a Bel Air doggy boutique, but unfortunately my night out would not have the aid of an alluring odor. The perfume''s aroma dissipated in 30 minutes. This hasn''t happened to me in the past with other rather commercial eau de toilettes such as Gucci by Gucci pour homme. I don''t know, perhaps being older, like every other bodily function even my capacity to hold a scent is failing. Yet, my venture into the dark and mysterious world of Black Aoud failed.
By   - Writer from Prospect, Kentucky on 1/30/2013
Deep, richly satisfying and intoxicating. This will be my winter warmth.
By   - from San Diego on 8/5/2012
Strange! When I first put it on, there was a weird note that I couldn''t place. Smelled kind of like clean carpet. It went away pretty fast though, and turned into a really nice, heavy, warm scent. The rose is really prominent, so careful if that''s not what you''re into. A very nice nighttime perfume.
By   - from San Antonio, TX on 4/6/2012
My husband bought me a few samples of different perfumes. Of those, this I really love on my skin. At first, in the bottle is smelled of incense and I prefer that only as a house freshener. However, when I applied Black Aoud I was stunned. It went on sharp but quickly mellowed out to a sweet smokiness. I imagine a candied whiskey though it doesn''t list it as an ingredient. Certainly smells of foreign lands, fragrant deserts and dry summer nights but great for winter wear. I cannot stop smelling myself. It is a bold scent for women but most scents have a masculine quality on me ragrdless of the ingredients. I tend towards Armani fragrances but making this leap was worth it. It is so yummy, I highly recommend Black Aoud.
By   - from USA on 12/16/2011
I absolutely love this perfume. It''s dark, mysterious, and seductive. It has it own atmosphere about it. Most importantly, it smells amazing on me. You definitely need to wait for the dry down to really appreciate this scent. Also a little goes a long way.
By   - Artist on 12/8/2011
I really wanted to like this one. From the reviews, it sounded absolutely wonderful but alas, didn''t work on me! When I first put Black Aoud on all I got was roses. Heavy on the roses. Loud Tea Roses. So I waited for it to develop on my skin and with my chemistry. It took a very long tea rose time and then it started to slowly develop & change. When I held my wrist to my husbands nose & asked him "what does this smell like to you?", he replied: "men''s cologne I wore something like that a long time ago". Now he''s wearing & finishing the sample and I''m still looking for that ''perfect one'' for myself. Darn! I really wanted Black Aoud to work for me!
By  on 11/23/2011
I will be the first to admit that I don''t like rose. I''ve never been attracted to rose scents because they all seem so bright and happy and girly. This is not a bright and happy rose, though. Black Aoud is a dirty, sexy, not-for-your-Grandma rose. This is the type of scent a high end call girlassassin would wear. She bates her eyelashes, lures you into her apartment, and then puts a bullet in your head while making love to you. This is a dangerous scent. The aoud mixed with patchouli (this description says sandalwood, but I definitely get patchouli) and labdanum is intoxicating. The sillage is incredible (my workmate said he could still smell me 10 minutes after I left) and the staying power is mind blowing (12+ hours easily). Apparently, Montale is known for their staying power, but I didn''t believe it until I woke up the next morning smelling of Black Aoud. This is completely FBW and now all I have to do is save up my pennies. Ladies, you have been warned. You will actually see the man''s pupils dilating when he gets a whiff. ********** 10 stars.
By  on 10/27/2011
What a sexy, dark, and mysterious scent! Black Aoud is described as unisex, but I don''t really know any men that want to smell like Chinese rose petal tea, with smoke and musk! I''ll be the first to admit that I''m not a fan of rose. My gammy wore a rose perfume by Crabtree and Evelyn and another reviewer said the rose in this smells like that, but I totally disagree! My gammy always smelled lovely, but not SEXY! This is C&E''s older, sexier, more promiscuous sister. She''s dark and heavy (the patchouli) and smells like she''s been out all night, ah, mingling bodily fluids (the musk) with dangerous men in some Middle Eastern country. The first application is a bit heavy and makes you go, Whoa," but she settles down (albeit reluctantly) and stays on the skin for quite a while. I''ve been wearing Black Aoud for a bit over 2 hours and she''s still going strong. I think she''s worth investing in a bottle!
By   - from North Shore, New Zealand on 10/20/2011
This fragrance is amazing. I tried Juliette Has a Gun Midnight oud and although it was good it did not last on the skin at all. Montale just stays on the skin forever. Love it.
By   - from Miami on 9/24/2011
Magnificent! Not masculine at all to me, though i think some deeply sensual men would wear this well.
By  on 9/21/2011
The description says that this is a masculine fragrance, and whilst the spicy notes make this a great exotic fragrance for men, I think it works well on women too. The rose, labdanum and orange soften the oud overall and makes this both instantly wearable and also very unique. Sillage is moderate and longevity is about 4-5 hours. Black Aoud is almost perfect.
By   - from London on 9/15/2011
There is something dark and mysterious about this brew...envision a secretive spy, whom is living in day he might seem classical, but by night heshe delves into their innermost fantasies in an underground private club located in an alleyway never to be discovered by just anyone. Jubilant, secretive, dangerous......the world of BLACK AOUD......Do you dare? Yes ... I think so!
By   - Photographer on 6/25/2011
This perfume is dark and mysterious, the rose competing for the attention of the sandalwood. This perfume is all about hidden delights and sensuous fabrics, about the double entendre and the flirtation between two people who are already married to different people. The first whiff of it is almost off-putting but it deepens and beckons you in, until you are captivated. I''m going to go all out and buy myself the largest bottle possible. This has to be one of the most intense scents I''ve ever tried and it is one of my favourites.
By   - Unionista from Toronto on 2/14/2011
Wow. This reeked of new car smell when I first applied it, like a cheap plastic type leather. However, with in a few seconds it turned into this gorgeous and dark scent of roses, leather, and a fresh scent like being in Sweden''s countryside in the spring. This is a sex scene in an Ingmar Bergman film. It''s dark, passionate, and absolutely intoxicating. I can''t stop smelling it, I''ve gotten compliments from everyone I''ve come in contact with. I am definitely, definitely investing in a full bottle... this is absolute quality.
By   - Fashion designer on 9/21/2010
I agree with Ambrosia, this was a scrubber for me for the exact same reason. I loved the description and was really excited to try it, but it went on smelling like cheap cologne and stayed that way until I couldn''t stand it another second. I couldn''t pick up the rose at all.
By   - attorney from los angeles on 8/4/2010
The first time I tried Black Aoud, I thought it smelled like a combination of LysolPinesolPledge. This ticked me off and I put the sample away, certain that I could neverwould never be able to tolerate it. Feeling feisty one day - months later - I tried it again...just so I could complain about it. But something unexpected happened and now, it''s the perfume love of my life. Okay, it''s ONE of the perfume loves of my life. I keep comparing it to others and Black Aoud continues to come out on top. It is both clean and dirty (you know exactly what I mean). Some would say it''s masculine, but I''m all about perfume that isn''t girly. My husband would love this but he already talked me into sharing my Yatagan. I''m keeping this one for myself.
By   - Administrator from SLC on 2/1/2010
Black Aoud is one of the most original fragrances around. You need to have a strong personality to be able to carry this perfume otherwise it carries you and pushes you in the corner. Seriously! Its either pure love or hate for most people I assume. Black Aoud has such an open erotic character that definitely surprises. Its not at all sweet but deeply woody and resinous - never buy this if you want to please everybody with your perfume or you are worried if a perfume can be worn to the office. This is as unique as it can get. I personally love it - even though its not my everyday choice. Sample first!!
By  on 9/20/2009
Let me start by saying I love Montale as A House. Auod and Rose is done right here along with the fact that it''s actually last 24 hours on my skin. Very well worth the price but if you search long enough you can find this a lot cheaper. 10 stars in my book.
By   - from MacTown on 5/20/2009
I have never had so many positive comments on wearing any other perfume ever!! Everytime I wear it, both men and women are intrigued as to what it is. Even had comments on the London underground tube, where no strangers ever normally speak!! I truly love it and it definitely comes with my recommendations as a unique, sexy, spellbinding fragrance.
By   - Director from UK on 4/9/2009
This started out oh-so bitter, and unfortunately, very heavy going. Luckily as it dried down it became an unusual but evocative fragrance. I do enjoy the oude and the lingering drydown here, but I can''t survive the initial blast of heaviness.
By  on 3/23/2008
The top note on this is unbearably masculine to me. It softens to an aoud with rose, but pales in comparison to Montale''s White Aoud. The latter also has aoud and rose, but it is the most beautiful rose overlaying mystery. No comparison.
By   - retired programmer from Columbus on 1/11/2008
Bought this as a sample, as I love rose scents. When I opened the vial for a smell, I thought "I''d never were this. It''s too heavy.", and then spent the rest of the day smelling my finger tips and loving it.Very rich deep dark rose, swriled with sandelwood and that sexy finish of aoud. I get complments when ever I wear this. Saving for a full size bottle!
By   - medical field from Grand Rapids on 1/4/2008
This smells like ashes of roses taken literally - many ancient roses crumbled into dust and incense ash. Old rooms, musty bookshelves, overgrown, dried rose vines crowding the windows. Very atmospheric and evocative. The scent of sleeping beauty''s bedchamber if she never woke up. (I rated it middling because it''s a little too much ash and not quite enough rose to buy, but I''m glad to have tried it.)
By   - from Atlanta, GA on 12/28/2007
I was super excited to try this fragrance based on the notes and the reviews. Unfortunately something went terribly awry. I hated this. My husband hated it. There''s a note in here that I really don''t like I suspect the labdanum though I don''t know for sure. But something in here went sharp and old on my skin--in fact, it smells like men''s cologne. And worse, the rose note in here isn''t the full bodied red rose I was hoping for. It''s the same rose note as in Evelyn by Crabtree and Evelyn--a nice enough smell, but much too pink and light and tea rose for something called "Black Aoud". I threw my sample in the trash so I wouldn''t be tricked into trying it again.
By   - graphic designer from austin on 12/2/2007
this wonderful fragrance on me seemed to be ever changing!all i can say is i am spellbound!
By  on 11/18/2007
Deep pure red rose that vibrates against the aoud backnote. Its like having "reverb sound" with rose essence rolling through it. The best pure rose scent I''ve experienced - but it is not a weak scent. Go easy on application. Don''t smell much sandalwood, it is all rose and aoud to me. Love it.
By   - from Oklahoma City on 5/5/2007
I honestly hated this upon first,second and even third sniff but once it really dried down it was a very intriquing, dark rose smell. I actually can''t believe it but I think I may really like this but I can barely wait out the time it takes to dry down. It really does change though so give it a chance. Vary unique!!
By  on 4/11/2007
I was horrified by the smell of this in the sample vial, but I quickly reconsidered once it hit my skin. It is intoxicating. I imagine it would smell fantastic on a man, but for women it is overwhelmingly sexy. To die for sexy. On me, the rose is always prominent, but tempered by the slight leather and oud it never becomes cloying. The sillage is amazing, and it lasts forever. I have taken showers and still been able to smell it faintly on pulse points. Likewise, a T-shirt with which I''ve worn it continues to smell of it after several washings (unscented detergent, in fairness). Definitely worth a full bottle!
By   - from Savannah on 4/9/2007
I fell in love with this one at first sniff. While some are put off by the medicinal and sharp opening, I love it. Reminds me of a candle ERGO used to produce, ''Kashmir Saffron''. Anyway, as the drydown unfolds it turns into one sexy scent with the rose always quietly present but laying in wait in the dark.
By   - from Memphis on 1/19/2007
This is the only scent I''ve ever worn that my bf commented, "I love that". We''ve been together 5 years. I just had on a sample but I''m definitely getting a full bottle.
By   - Trainer from Philly on 1/1/2007
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