L'eau Mixte

Eau Fraiche

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Bought this on a whim and was very surprised! It’s one of my best purchases of the year. It’s clean, and refreshing. On my skin, it lasts a good 7-8 hours.
By   - Student from Los Angeles on 5/31/2021
Decent scent, nothing memorable or unique about it at all. Longevity is literally about 15 seconds though. Not surprising, given that it's an eau fraiche concentration.
By   - Not telling you from Smithville, TX on 3/10/2020
A really elegant grapefruit, with any sharpness or bitterness rounded off by nice notes of rose and vetiver and mint and a little cooling moss. This is the kind of scent that causes people to smile at you in the office elevator.
By   - editor from Seattle on 10/15/2015
perhaps the fizziest, most uplifting grapefruit scent i've ever experienced. the material quality is very high - the musks are perfect - the longevity impressive. i've found my signature scent for this summer!
By   - creative director from winston-salem on 6/17/2013
A great scent fresh and clean. Great for mint and citrus lovers. I can smell some lovely rose when it dries down. A balanced summer scent.
By   - server from Bklyn,N.Y. on 5/7/2012
Nice, clean and refreshing. This is a pretty fruity/herbal summer scent. The peppermint gives it zing!!
By   - server from Bklyn,N.Y. on 5/4/2012
This is one of the best new colognes out there...fizzy, bright and clean. Has a long lasting dry down and doesn't turn bitter like some citrus blends. Great for any season.
By   - Marketing from Fort worth on 12/21/2010
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