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Eau de Cologne

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Love. Classic masculine scent, fresh and sexy. This lasted for several hours, disappearing after maybe 5, making it a great daytime scent.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 3/11/2018
Big burst of neroli right away which mellows a bit on dry-down. Leans more femine to my nose, with citrus/blossoms dominating. The sandalwood is there to balance, but not overly present at all. The bergamot, and neroli are all I smell, and smells very "natural" - it reminds me of several fragrances from producers of "natural perfumes", which isn't a bad's just not for me.
By   - from Seattle on 9/6/2012
This is my favorite. I love it. I do not find it flat at all, just a great clean aroma.
By   - retired on 9/21/2007
Very much wanted to like and enjoy this Nicolai perfume. It smells strange on me- almost like strong orange cake with icy syrup like icing & then a cleaning product edge perhaps orange Mr Clean. It doesn't last long then it gets very flat. For a high quality manufacturer I expect a longer lasting perfume.
By  on 4/11/2006
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