Michele Bergman

Black Amber

perfume oil

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Save your time and money and go with Omnia Profumo. I really don't know what this is supposed to be. Given the thick density of the actual juice I can't Imagine wearing this on my neck, it would stick to my collar and make a mess. You would think for it's complete lack of utility there would at least be a ton of smell and projection but no, This stuff is weak. Yeah it's an amber but what else? Never thought I'd see the day where i'd be recommending Givenchys Pi over another fragrance but here I am.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 10/31/2019
Years ago, I bought a tiny vial of perfumed oil on Etsy. It it’s was called Black Cloud Patchouli. It was a combo of f patchouli , amber, vanilla and cocoa. I went to order it again and it was no longer being made by the seller. I kept the vial in hopes that I would find something close. Well, I found it in this wonderful Black Amber perfumed oil. It starts off with a warm amber and mellows into a vanilla tinged amber/patchouli. I love it!!! The ONLY semi negative thing is, I wish the fragrance lasted longer. It just sort of fades away
By   - Hairstylist, salon owner from Orange Park on 10/18/2017
A yummy amber. Second favorite so far of all the perfumes I've tried here. Wishing and hoping for a whole bottle so I can put drops in my bath and scent my clothing with it (couple of drops on a cotton ball in the dryer.) I only wish the scent were stronger on me... I'd surround myself with it. No head shop scent for me, but it reminds me of this delicious musk I smelled many years ago and never found again. Now I wonder if that scent had amber in the mix. Beautiful, give it a try!
By   - jewelry designer on 7/8/2011
Hmmmm.....bought a sample of this almost three years ago now, and LOVED it! I've kept the now-empty sample vile all this time, and was getting ready to order a bottle this summer (2011) when I decided to sample it again to make sure I still liked it. Whoa! This sample is completely different than the one I'd bought before. The first, from three years ago, was creamy and had much more of a silky vanilla layer to it. That layer is completely gone now in this new sample. It's much more of a straight up amber scent. Still very nice, just not quite what it was before. And, unfortunately, not what I'm looking for this time around.
By  on 7/6/2011
Maybe it's a skin chemistry thing, but l was very underwhelmed with this. Disappointing, as l liked Black Gardenia. l get mainly a sharp but weak patchouli, (even headshop patchouli is better quality than this!) then finally after an hour the amber & vanilla appear, but it's unremarkable compared to other ambers l've tried, & doesn't last long. Meh!
By   - from southampton uk on 10/14/2010
Smells EXACTLY like a bottle of perfume oil I got at a renaissance fair for $15. I like it, but I like the stuff from Renn Fest too and for a heck of a lot less money. I even did a test and wore them both, one of each wrist. The smelled very very similar and lasted equally long. There's no justifying the price of this scent.
By   - from Minnesota on 7/16/2010
Lovely lovely fragrance, warm and rich. Amber is woven throughout this gentle blanket, and the lasting power is tolerable. It opens with a woody scent that must be the patchouli, but to my nose is crisp, sweetly dry, hardwood sawdust. This is not a bad thing at all - it is the aroma of creation, of handcarved jewelry boxes and lovingly restored heirloom furniture. The amber is of the highest quality, the patchouli is of some variety so rare that I can't identify it as such, and the vanilla is the grounding, subtle undertone of antique fragrances of another age. This is a keeper. Not overpowering, not too sultry, perfect for all occasions, although not all ages. Teens, tweens and twenty-somethings, not so sure you'd feel at home with this one. Over 30, and got some confidence? Here's a great sauce to accent it.
By   - Haflacrat from Gleann Abhann on 12/24/2008
[Black Gardenia, I wore on my wedding day. Sweet, innocent, intense, perfect.] Black Amber, I could have worn on my wedding night (hehehe). A beautiful, rich amber - perfectly complemented by smooth, natural vanilla and a perfectly harmonized hint of dark patchouli. I love amber when it's done right, and ladies, this is done RIGHT!! I wish there were more scents from Michelle Bergman (where is Black Lotus?)! This scent would work equally well alone as it would layered with top notes.
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 10/24/2008
Sexy nighttime Amber magic.
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 10/4/2008
Day time elegents.
By   - from Baltimore on 10/18/2007
Perfect amber, not to light - not to dark, lying on a bed of rich vanilla! Sexy, feminine... a little black dress in a bottle!
By   - Mom/Political Consultant from Riverside, IL on 9/12/2007
I agree with the attorney from NJ. Overpowering head shop smell!
By   - from Northern VA on 8/6/2007
Smells like a Hippie Shop and you can't get rid of it.
By   - Attorney from South Jersey on 7/16/2007
AWESOME! I get a lot of compliments on this one....like.....mmmm....what is that you are wearing.....it is super!
By   - Medical from Seoul, Korea on 6/1/2007
I was so disappointed in this. The staying power is zippo and it's just so ordinary. Love Black Gardenia though.
By   - Finance from Chester on 11/24/2006
I love this perfume, I always feel so sexy when I am wearing it..and it really does have staying power!!
By   - Designer from Cos Cob CT on 11/15/2006
Best Amber scent I've found so far. Rich, delicious and very sensual. I can't stop smelling my own wrist! Definitely a woman's scent - it's not for little girls.
By   - Land Acquisition from Ontario, CA on 7/28/2006
andrea sent me a sample and i must say i am IN heaven. i love this amber. soft warm and comforting. so many do not last but this one is just perfection. my fave so far. i am such a dedicated fan to lucky scent. andrea really zoned in on something i love!!!!
By   - talent agent from st pete on 2/15/2006
Please make a sample of this available!!!
By  on 2/13/2006
Yum!! This is awesome! It is rich, warm, sweet, resinous!!
By   - Production Analyst on 2/3/2006
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