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I really like the Kai perfume oil so I had to try this as well. But this was a real letdown. Yes, it has the kai-scent but the problem with this bodyspray is that after a short while the oils in it turn rancid on the skin and it smells horrible. I expected more for such pricey stuff in such a small bottle. Won't repurchase.
By   - translator from Nuremberg on 10/10/2012
This oil only is fragrant when you first spray it on they it loses it's gardenia scent. Don't let it get old either it gets worse. By the perfume if you want the full benifit of this great scent.
By   - from san diego on 6/1/2006
Love it!! very sexy and intoxicating--true to the wonderful gardenia!!
By   - from Boston on 12/1/2004
Hate to be the killjoy, but this scent turned on me after I doused myself with it post-shower. The lush gardenia faded, and I spent the rest of the night missing the fresh cut gardenia essence. This is my first taste of Kai, however, and I wouldn't mind sampling the oil to see if that works better with my chemistry.
By   - journalist from Manila on 8/16/2004
Kai is a superfresh and clean floral, yet sexy. I love it! The Body Glow is a nice dry oil spray that melt into the skin without being sticky. The scent doesn't last very long on me though so I prefer to add a drop of the perfume oil for greater staying power.
By   - HR assistant from Sweden on 6/13/2004
This is a great alternative to wearing the oil, which can get a bit strong on my skin. It stays true to the scent and does not "turn" at all.
By   - from usa on 6/1/2004
I just recently became a fan of this wonderful fragrance! I can't get enough of it. I have purchased all products because I love the layering effect! If you love the smell of gardenias...you will love this new and sexy scent! I get tons of compliments and you will too!!
By   - from California on 8/9/2003
I first came across Kai through a friend, who is a spa director in CA (she had a sample pack). I immediately fell in love with the fragrance! It's light and subtle, but still has enough "pull" to cause folks to ask what I'm wearing. More often than not, someone will comment on it. It's definitely a keeper!
By   - Teacher from Birmingham, AL on 6/24/2003
I have been a Kai addict since it came out. I can't really wear traditional spray perfumes as they irritate my sensitive nose, so I was on the hunt for the perfect oil that didn't make me feel too much like the hippie we all try to be at some point in college. I smelled Kai and instantly thought of Hawaii. I have rarely strayed since and simply can't put it on without someone telling me how good I smell and what the heck is it? So one can imagine my reaction to the new Body Glow - what the heck took them so long?!
By   - Editor from Seattle on 6/19/2003
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