L'Artisan's most iconic, oriental fragrances served up in this exquisitely giftable collector's set. Perfect for him and her.
Discover the history and charm of Eight & Bob with this six piece Discovery Set, an overview of the line born from a legendary encounter between Albert Fouquet and John F Kennedy.
Discover the creative, modern, surprisingly refined world of Essential Parfums with this specially priced discovery set featuring generous 2ml spray samples of the entire line.
A tour through the wondrous library of perfumer Josh Meyer's creative and compelling scents, each inspired by an imaginary literary masterpiece.
Discover the whimsical, magical, seductively sumptuous world of Australian niche newcomer Fort & Manle- wondrously creative fragrances that are bound to captivate.
Experience the phenomenon of the groundbreaking Escentric Molecules fragrances in this beautifully presented discovery kit containing all eight releases.
Wander the globe with Gallivant and discover dynamic unisex fragrances inspired by the greatest cities in the world.
Discover the vast kingdom of whimsical, creative Zoologist fragrances with this gift-worthy discovery set.
What's your favorite Juliette Has A Gun scent? Why not try them all with this wonderful Discovery Set!
For over two decades, Parfums de Nicolai has been a pioneer of high-end niche perfumery, producing meticulously crafted scents without compromise. See what the legend is all about.
L’Artisan Parfumeur’s miniatures set is a selection of the perfume house’s most emblematic light fragrances, in attractive miniature bottles.
Whether you travel by planes, trains or automobile, this small, eminently portable Jet Set Kit contains all the bath and body amenities you need to smooth your passage.
Cleverly packaged in a book-like folding box, this set contains 2ml atomizer samples of the ten bestselling fragrances from Histoires de Parfums.
Discover the classically sophisticated, thrillingly modern world of Ex Nihilo with this unique and stylish discovery set. Five 7.5ml travel-appropriate spray vials.
Experience some of their most beloved scents, arranged in thoughtfully curated trios. Each fragrance comes in a 12ml travel-friendly spray of these wanderlust-inspired fragrances.
Discover the classically sophisticated, thrillingly modern world of Ex Nihilo with this unique and stylish discovery set, featuring generous 7.5ml travel-appropriate spray vials.
This adorable boxed set is the end-all, be-all perfect collection for all vanilla fiends!
Enjoy a selection of Viktoria Minya's indulgent and seductive creations in a travel size version.
A perfect way to get to know this exciting brand from Australia: Goldfield and Banks. Each fragrance is based on a unique ingredient indigenous to Australia.
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