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Tribute Attar  Perfume Oil by  Amouage

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Tribute Attar

Perfume Oil

by Amouage

The Scoop
Amouage is proud to announce the release of Tribute, a new attar following in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed Homage. Attars are made by distilling petals and condensing the resulting vapour directly into a base of oil, which replaces the alcohol usually used in perfume making. Tribute makes use of a careful blend of more than a hundred of the finest and most luxurious natural essences in the world, many of which are unique to Oman.

The special variety of silver frankincense that is the house�s signature note, for instance, is grown only in the Dhofar mountains in the south of Oman, and historically commanded enormous prices when exported via the Silk Road into Rome and Persia. To this day, it is painstakingly harvested from the trees by hand, as it has been for more than 1500 years.

Rose Taifi is the rarest and most precious oil extracted from rose petals, and is famed across the Gulf for its rich and romantic fragrance. Each flower produces so small an amount that an entire field of roses is required to produce each tiny bottle of Tribute. Because of this, the scent is so concentrated that even a small drop applied to the pulse points will last for many hours, over the course of which the attar will progress smoothly through several stages of development.

Combining with frankincense in graceful accord, the subtle majesty of saffron forms with it the top chord of the fragrance, and heralds the transition into an elaborate and powerful range of floral heart notes, chief among which are Jasmine and Rose Taifi.

Once it reaches full maturity, warm, richly spiced base notes such as leather, tobacco, cedarwood, patchouli and vetiver emerge to round out the fragrance, creating a gentle but powerfully intriguing finish that harks back to the traditional use of attars by ancient healers and prophets, who employed them to enhance moods, and uplift the soul.

Tribute captures the depth, complexity and luxury of a couture perfume; a feat rarely seen in the industry today.

Due to occasional leakage issues, we are now unwrapping and inspecting each bottle before shipping to you, in order to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition.
Tribute Attar Notes
Rose Taifi, Jasmine, Saffron, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Tobacco, Leather, Patchouli, Vetiver.
Tribute Attar - 30ml
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  $665 30ml
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This is a truely fantastic experience. It has a smoke and leather accord, blended perfectly with very masculine rose in the background. I have smelled a ton of fragrances and many seem to be searching for a purpose. This is the very first one I have ever written a review on. Lasts 6 or so hours on me, but during this period it is absolutely blazing. I am not sure if there is a need to smell of the same fragrance for 24 hours straight, and since this is a fragrance with a mission, I use it for a night on the town, to conjure up simpler classier times, a fine classy tavern, with the lights low. maybe something Don Draper would wear. Its got the smoke thing going for it, thats for sure :-). I don't smoke, and this is still appealing in a big way!
By Anonymous - from Tucson AZ on 5/28/2013
Briefest flash of rose, then Lapsong Souchong tea. Yep.
By Anonymous - from San Diego on 4/9/2012
This is in my top 5 all time favorites. Just a small amount is plenty to last the day. It just works with my body chemistry and gives me a confidence boost when I'm in front of an audience.
By Matthew - Architect from San Jose on 2/11/2012
Imagine man in his 60s sitting in a bar, drinking cognac, wearing old leather jacket, smocking cigar. That is his scent. Can't imagine woman wearing it.
By Anonymous on 10/6/2011
Indubitably the finest cologne I have every purchased. An entirely different world. Sublime, ethereal, Taurean earthiness with an unquenchable longing to taste of the floral spell of Venus cast upon the rarest Taifi. Completely unlike anything else on the market and, (dare I say), far more exquisite than anything the West has yet to offer--be it Creed, Hermes, Annick Goutal...all former favorites which are but distant memories now, having encountered this miniscule encapsulation of a stately pleasure dome on par with Xanadu itself, a stately aroma of decreed pleasure. This exotic scent is one of a magical starlit desert night of distant antiquity, mixed charmingly with the suave modernity and lusty elegance of an enchanted and naughty adventure in Marrakesh lounges sweetened by opiumed hookahs or a vermillion sunset over Cairo bidding warm, tender adieus to a day of insurmountable reawakening; a wandering, hypnotic, trance-inducing perfection that silkenly conjures memories of regal hands eternally intertwined with a sculpted lover fatedly blessed with such classical perfection even fair Antinous would coyly blush at the mere wafting encounter of this scent of unquenchable longing irresistibility. A treasure for which I have searched a lifetime, this piece de resistance truly surpasses the finest of fragrances available on the modern market from any Parisian house of high repute. Astrologically the ideal essence of the bull- a simple esoteric elegance that, though breathtakingly stunning in its first rush of a divinely feminine rose, subtly rises to the strength and vigor of refined masculinity with its grounded tobaccos, incense of which the gods would feel unworthy to be offered as oblation, and sylvan earthiness that lingers in the memory of all who are consecrated by its unspeakable grandeur which retains the subtlety of good breeding; a virility of gentlemanliness that the Homage, though so lovely indeed, considerably lacks. May I say most simply, thank you for this priceless pearl which truly is the paragon of a man’s scent, a new standard for myself who now seems want to spurn the Parisian perfumerie to follows spellboundedly into new lands of mystical ecstasy.
By Carlisle - Law student from Jackson, MS on 10/25/2010
Beautiful, with a boozy tobacco opening, which morphs into something very reminiscent of the original formulation of Caron's Yatagan. Very nice (and potent, this things BLOOMS).
By Anonymous - from San Francisco on 10/18/2010
I agree with you in regards to the cigarette smell of this fragrance. I respect Amouage as a fragrance company. However, Tribute smells like cigarettes in my opinion. Tribute just does not smell good - not to me. This fragrance most definitely smells like an ashtray.
By Anonymous on 8/5/2010
I was really expecting to like this, as I have loved several other Amouage scents that I have tried, namely Gold Woman, Dia Woman, and Jubilation 25. The prices are a little steep for my budget, but the quality is obvious and I have no doubt that you are paying for quality ingredients and not just marketing. Tribute, however, is definitely not for me. I keep thinking of an ashtray--sorry, but the smoke smell is overwhelming, and it not a good type of smoke. I love the smell of a wood fire, but I detest the smell of cigarette smoke, and Tribute reeks of it. Even after several hours on my skin, the impression of tobacco smoke is very strong. I am actually glad I ordered this sample, as I now do not have to pine after a $350 bottle of attar. I will still probably have to order Gold, Dia, or Jubilation eventually, though as they are all outstanding.
By Anonymous - chemist on 5/8/2010
wow this is as good as Homage Attar and also very long lasting, Dear Amouge why are you so expensive ?
By Anonymous - from ny on 2/25/2010
Oh my Good Lord!!! this is just breathtaking. I've sniffed close to 175 perfumes in the past six months, and this is in the top 10, absolutely. Really, really stunning.
By Kar T - from San Jose on 2/1/2010
I had such high hopes for this from reading everyones posts. I was less than thrilled although I will definitely give it another try. I'm trying really hard to like it!
By Anonymous from CT on 1/7/2010
Along with Homage, Tribute is an example of some of the best perfumer currently made on the planet. Simply masterpieces. Destined to become classics.
By thebeck - from reno on 12/1/2009
On me this starts out on a deep rose accord than goes for an hour as a DARK smoky vetiver. It then balances out to an incredible mixture of incense, rose, oud, and frankincense. Awesome! Had to buy it. Should layer great with the Homage.
By Phil - from CA on 11/27/2009
I absolutely love this fragrance! It's a beautiful smoky frankincense and floral arrangement unlike anything I've smelled before! It's the best Amouage in my opinion and the only one I have been compelled to purchase a full bottle of. Simply beautiful!
By PorkFat on 11/27/2009
I adore this. It's intense, sexy and due to the oil base, it's very long lasting on dry skin. And a tiny, tiny dab on each pulse point goes a long way!
By Leslie - consultant from Las Vegas on 11/27/2009
I am sampling this right now and it is awesome. If you love smoky tobacco leather scents, this is for you. Another home run by Amouage!
By Anonymous - from San Diego on 11/23/2009
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