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Gendarme - Eau de Cologne  Eau de Cologne by  Gendarme

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Gendarme - Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne

by Gendarme

The Scoop
The original and the freshest! Casually sensual, yet professionally down-to-business. Distinctively driven to be assertive, yet ever so cleverly subtle.It blends uniquely with the user's musk, to create his/her own signature scent. 'Green' with citrus and verbena top notes. 'Herbal' with a dry-down of jasmine and thyme, bound to a hint of leather. Also suitable for women who enjoy wearing fresh, citrus light fragrances with a masculine-unisex touch.
Gendarme - Eau de Cologne Notes
Citrus, Verbena, Jasmine, Thyme, Leather.
Gendarme - Eau de Cologne - 4 oz
  $85 4 oz
Curious about this fragrance?
  $3 .7 ml
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What can I say about Gendarme? Perhaps clean, maybe smooth, or even sexy. Well it's all of those things to me. I actually smelled this at Nordstroms, and I purchased it immediately. I was debating between this and John Varvatos artisan black edition. When I proceeded to compare both scents, the choice was obvious. This was so divinely unique and smooth, smelling it just made feel alluring. I felt like one of those pretty boy models you see in the ads. This scent is recommended for romantic use, but I wore it everday for two weeks. I highly recommend this one.
By David S. - from Chicago on 9/21/2012
By Constance  - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/17/2012
Sexy clean, and masculine all at the same time. It's the perfect fragrance for day time/any time. Low sillage, the musk is barely there but it rounds out the dominate fresh clean smell. I never tire of smelling my husband's neck- and often go back for seconds. Love, love, love.
By Anonymous - from CA on 1/6/2012
I am very pleased that Lucky Scent carries this line. Gendarme original is a classic. Subtle, not citris, not floral, nor marine, etc...maybe more simple clean with some linen. To me, this was the first of the "un-colognes" and good for men, women, and children. I have had a bottle around every Spring/Summer for over 20 years. I keep this on hand for warm days of Summer and occasionally other "non-cologne" times when I just want to smell and feel simply clean and fresh.
By Joe D - Pharma from Philadelphia on 1/10/2010
Gendarme is strong and long lasting. While I kind of like the scent, the strength and lasting time are deal killers for me. I applied a small amount to my wrists and neck on a Saturday and whiffs of it were still noticeable in the house on Monday. The scent takes some getting used to: soap, clean, beach, suntan lotion, etc. As others have said. Hard to pin down but definitely not a classic in my perfumery.
By Brent - from San Francisco on 2/5/2008
It's great, shower fresh and clean smelling, yet it's basically a clean little musk scent. If you like clean musk this should be your number one scent.
By Teresa C - from Abingdon, VA on 10/16/2007
One of the all time great classic modern mens' fragrances. Every guy interested in fragrances should use this at least once. I had in my wardrobe for a good ten years. Yes, I moved on, but when I first tried this it was an absolute revelation. Then it was a sturdy companion, and for a long time, something I couldn't do without. Yes, Geir may be great, but for American guys, Gendarme is a must.
By Joe F. - Atty. from NYC on 10/3/2007
i love this has a very classic,clean scent without the over the top perfume smell.i will definitely be getting another bottle when i run out.
By fredy - from monroe on 5/29/2007
Smells like generic sun-tan lotion...then it turns into hospital hand soap. Yikes. Steer clear.
By Anonymous on 1/14/2007
Gendarme is one of my all time favorites. Smells great and no matter how much you put on you can't overdose with it. It's great for romantic evenings yet subtle enough for office wear.
By Mr. Smellgood - from Palmyra, NJ on 8/21/2006
Overrated. Try Geir Ness instead.
By Anonymous on 7/1/2006
This is the original "Clean for Men," the incomparable scent of freshly showered male. But as everyone has noted, this also smells amazing on women. You spray it on, wonder "Where did it go?," (called olfactory habituation, you can't really smell yourself with this on). Then, your body heat starts radiating a sweet, sexy aura that people around you definitely comment on. I should know -- I bought Gendarme the day after I sniffed it on a female coworker who smelled heavenly!
By Therese - journalist from the Philippines on 4/9/2006
Gendarme notes of Citrus, Verbena, Jasmine, Thyme, Leather tell me nothing about this fragrance. All I can smell is fresh, clean just stepping out of a bath clean. It is the perfect unobtrusive scent. It is outstanding in the simplicity. It really is appropriate for a man or a woman. This is my default fragrance. When I can't decide what to wear I wear Gendarme. Perhaps my all time favorite. Can't live without it.
By Joan - Banker from Columbia,SC on 12/2/2005
This is my all-time favorite scent. Once at dinner, a man turned around with the most amazing look on his face and told me my fragrance was distracting (in a good way) and absolutely hypnotic and mesmerizing. Though I'm female and love it on me, I would also love it on a man (as Topper Schroeder originally intended). I am like so many people, these days, who are sensitive to fragrance. I wear only four different scents, and this is the one I wear most often. I feel naked if I leave the house without it, even if it's only in my purse.
By Angie M. - Admin Asst from Huntsville on 11/4/2005
Doesn't smell bad, but nothing remarkable at all.
By Sara - Analyst from Pensacola on 6/6/2005
it was given to me by my niece for christmas about 10 years ago she was 11 & got a free sample i have been using it since
By Anonymous - retired from irvine on 1/16/2005
This is my all time favorite men's scent. It smells just out of the shower clean. Some light citrussy scents turn on my husband's skin. Not this one. He smells just as fantastic at the end of the day as the beginning. Just remember, this is a light watery clean scent. I've bought it for him several times.
By Ellen - from PA on 8/22/2004
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