Parfum Satori

Hana Hiraku

Eau de Parfum

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The miso note is so strong in this it ruins the whole perfume. If you like to smell like raw miso then this is for you. I don’t even catch much of the melon.
By   - N/A from N/A on 9/9/2021
I really wanted to love this one, as I enjoyed the initial melon scent. It gradually settles into an earthy musk, almost as if the melon I was enjoying had suddenly decayed, somewhat indolic. It's not as subtle or gentle as the description implies; it's on the verge of being headache-inducing. It's not a bad scent but it's more masculine than expected and definitely not a skin scent.
By   - Business Owner from Bay Area on 5/24/2021
My skin is funny in that it amplifies the drier, more aromatic components, but to my nose this is a very beautiful sugared, slightly rosy honeydew melon. Like the most satisfying ripe honeydew agua fresca. I could wear this all day till fall.
By   - Behavioral health tech from Tucson on 3/31/2021
This is so unique and gorgeous. I've already ordered a second sample. I'm definitely leaning toward a full bottle in the near future. It's cool, yet quietly, subtly earthy, creamy, and aquatic. Perfume connoisseurs of Oriental fragrances are accustomed to the heavier ambery perfumes that make liberal use of oud and other woods. This, on the other hand, is more quiet, understated, yet sublime. There is a clear Japanese influence here where I note the "miso" note. I really love the creamy coolness of the perfume. This is an excellent warm weather perfume, but I can totally see wearing this all year round.
By   - Student from NorCal on 4/17/2017
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