Shoyeido Premium Incense Assortment
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Incense aficionados the world over, agree that the Shoyeido Premium Incense Series features some of the highest-crafted masterpieces of the art of scent. Benefitting from the centuries-old recipes and traditions in Kyoto, Japan, the incense makers of Shoyeido reserve the rarest, luxurious materials of perfumery for these nuanced, delicately-balanced blends. Every incense of the Premium Series tells an unique story. Incense connoisseurs talk about these legendary scents in mythical terms. The steep prices and rarity of the complete incense bundles prohibit most from actually experiencing them. The assortment sampler allows a journey into scent perfection with relative ease.

The Premium Incenses transcend everyday incense by orders of magnitude. Simply put, it doesn't get any better than this. Includes:

King's Aroma (Ohjya-koh)
Pride of Kyoto (Kyo-jiman)
Beckoning Spring (Shun-yo)
Gentle Smile (Misho)
Southern Wind (Nan-kun)
Refinement (Ga-ho)
Five Clouds (Go-un)
Infinity (Myo-ho)
Translucent Path (Sho-kaku)

Approximate burn time per stick: 25 minutes

Shoyeido Premium Incense Assortment Sizes Available
1 Stick of Each $26
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