Horin Incense Assortment (Kyo-gosai)
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This beautiful 20-stick assortment contains four sticks of each splendid blend and a biodegradable incense holder. A perfect introduction to the art of incense, blending modern and ancient styles.

4 sticks each of the 5 Horin series incenses including

Avenue of the Villas (Ni-jo): a floral-scented sandalwood incense, reminiscent of a fresh afternoon rain
White River (Shirakawa): high-quality sandalwood in a rich, spicy blend.
Returning Spirit (Gen-roku): a green, herbaceous agarwood blend.
City of Culture (Muro-machi): an Earthy, spicy incense combining high quality woods and a trace of caramel.
Peaceful Sky (Ten-pyo): the elusive scent of kyara, a high-grade agarwood.

Includes biodegradable incense holder, 2.75"
Approximate burn time per stick: 20 minutes

Please note that the Horin incense sticks are thicker than the average stick, producing more smoke and scent during the burn time.

Horin Incense Assortment (Kyo-gosai) Sizes Available
20 sticks $30
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