Peaceful Sky (Ten-pyo)
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Ten-pyo, the crowning jewel of Shoyeido's Horin series, emits the hypnotic and luxurious scent of kyara, one of the highest grades of agarwood. Kyara holds its place as one of the rarest, most luxurious scent substances in the world and words fail to describe its elusive character. Kyara incenses are praised as the highest expressions of the art of incense and are reserved for special occasions and truly indulgent moments. Resinous, deep woods, spice and a blend of herbs form the base of this incense. A delicate, ephemeral trace of marshmallow, a common characteristic of burning kyara, introduces an alluring sweetness to the scent profile.
Considering the rarity of high-grade agarwood, often more expensive in weight than gold, Ten-pyo can be viewed as the perfect introduction to the magical scent of kyara.

Box of 20 sticks including biodegradable incense holder, 2.75". Approximate burn time per stick: 20 minutes

Please note that the Ten-pyo incense sticks are thicker than the average stick, producing more smoke and scent during the burn time.

Peaceful Sky (Ten-pyo) Sizes Available
20 sticks $50
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