River Path (Hori-kawa)

Incense Sticks

by Shoyeido

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The Scoop

Hori-kawa is made from a recipe perfected by Shoyeido's master incense crafters over 30 years ago. It remains one of the brand's most in-demand incenses. One sniff of the high quality sandalwood, perhaps some of the best in the world, makes its popularity understandable. A perfect, transcendent blend of all-natural materials including sandalwood, cinnamon and frankincense will tantalize the senses. Hori-kawa is rich, complex and slightly sweet. It fills a space like toasted cinnamon bread on a cold morning. Its amber warmth and kitten fur softness will have you reaching for it regularly. Many incense lovers agree that Hori-kawa is the premiere sandalwood-based stick on the market.

Box of 20 sticks including biodegradable incense holder, 2.75 inch. Approximate burn time per stick: 20 minutes

Please note that the Hori-kawa incense sticks are thicker than the average stick, producing more smoke and scent during the burn time.

River Path (Hori-kawa) Sizes Available
20 Sticks $25
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This is the only incense I've ever went nuts for! The description of it being like toasted cinnamon bread is PERFECT! It's just so warm and cozy. Can't get enough of it.
By   - makeup artist from new orleans on 8/17/2012
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