Mon Cuir

Eau de Parfum

by Ramon Monegal

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The Scoop

Mon Cuir is a dry silky leather with an oriental backdrop and a floral twist. It opens with a fresh waft of orange blossom, bright and innocent, luring you into an exotic grotto of resinous birch tar and camphorous Russian leather. Subtle flashes of nutmeg and shades of musk heat up the skin beneath a night sky humming with paper lanterns and a distant sandalwood breeze. Daring and insistent, Mon Cuir is sure to get noticed as a new way to wear leather.

Mon Cuir  Notes

Russian leather, orange flower, Labdaceme, nutmeg, Indonesian patchouli, musk, Australian sandalwood

Mon Cuir Sizes Available
50ml $185 $125
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Mon Cuir...
I am never disappointed by this house. I have had the opportunity to try Agar Musk, Mon Cuir, and Cuirelle, and all these offerings smell amazing and have amazing performance. $180 is very pricey for a bottle, but it's undoubtedly worth it. One spray and you're set for +7 hours. Mon cuir smells mature and like a nice leather portfolio. This is my most favorite leather fragrance.
By   - Telemarketing  from Kent, OH on 1/16/2017
This one was challenging and complicated, which I have come to expect of Ramon Monegal. Right after application it was sweet and citrusy, but a sharp medicinal scent that made me think of old fashioned liniment for backaches emerged quickly. After about 10 minutes it started to smell like a filthy sheep in need of shearing on a hot day. This is what sent me to the sink to scrub it off, because it was time to leave for work and I did not wish to offend my fellow commuters. In hope that I would like it better with more time for drydown, I tried it on again on a day that I did not need to get on a crowded bus. It took a solid two hours for the animalic note to dissipate completely, but a sweet leather and spicy wood did emerge. I found the base pleasant, but underwhelming as a reward for my wait. That said, I tend to either love our hate this line, and I frequently disagree with others about them. So do sample before buying a bottle if you are intrigued.
By   - from Saint Paul on 7/29/2014
Weirdly addictive as time goes on. Sweetish suede scent at the start, drying down to a spicy buzz (the nutmeg?) a few hours later, with a pleasant grassiness that melds well with the scent of sun on skin. The sweetness reemerges in the far drydown. Not sure if it's full-bottle-worthy but it's definitely worth repeated wear.
By  on 11/21/2012
I get that sometimes expectations can color experience, so I try not to expect specific things from scents and be open to whatever they deliver. Having said that, this delivered a sweet Serge Lutens blast of Daim Blonde. I was hoping for some sophisticated leather but I got a sweet suede scent. I tossed both my Monegal samples two days after they arrived because I knew I'd never try them again. I don't get this line at all. Very odd scents but not in a good way.
By   - therapist from NY on 8/25/2012
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