Mito - Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum

by Vero Profumo

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Has it really been only five years since the amazing Vero Kern's Kiki, Rubj and Onda shook us to the core with their otherworldly, archaic/modern accords?

Mito is her long-awaited four composition, inspired by the magical gardens of the 16th century Villa d'Este on Lake Como in Italy. The myths the name conjures might be the gods and nymphs whose statues people the garden. But we're rather inclined to think of the myths of perfumery. Mito, a glorious green floral chypre built around the Villa d'Este magnolias and jasmine, isn't so much a descendent of the great Chanels and Guerlains as a wayward sister to Cristalle or Chamade who made her way to Northern Italy and thrived.

Verdant, creamy-moist and vibrant with sunshine-laden citrus, Mito may well be the most easily approachable of Vero Kern's offerings, without surrendering a drop of her intense originality. This Italian springtime in a bottle was well worth the wait both for vintage perfume lovers and Vero aficionados. We're feeling the amore. You will too.

Mito - Eau de Parfum  Notes

Citrus blend, magnolia grandiflora, white magnolia champaca, jasmine, galbanum, hyacinth, cypress blend, moss

Mito - Eau de Parfum Sizes Available
50ml $215
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Mito - Eau de Parfum...
I can see the comparison to Cristalle, but this is denser, greener, and more natural smelling. I found the galbunum burst really intoxicating, but it settled quickly to a skin scent and turned a bit sour on my skin. The kind of sour smell like the inside of a plastic perfume cap where the chemicalls react with the plastic. Soapy, sour, and slightly fishy. I was hoping to really like this one, but that made it a no-go for me.
By   - RN from Brooklyn on 7/8/2016
One of the very best green fragrances I know, with a sparkling citrus and peach opening, beautiful galbanum, and a warm rich moss. It's got great lasting power and a strong, but not overpowering, presence. The EDP is my favorite version of Mito.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/23/2016
Interesting that the previous reviewer mentioned Cristalle. I veer toward orientals, and find this a fragrance that challenges me in the same way as Cristalle. It is not warm, not overtly sexy, not sweet. I am intrigued by this scent, and feel like I have not gotten a real sense of it yet. Not really like anything else, more complex than Cristalle, for sure, well worth trying again and again.
By   - nurse from Phoenix on 3/1/2014
A deeper, richer version of Chanel's Cristalle, sparkling green and angular on top but sweet, warm and enveloping at its base. Mito was a nice surprise for me simply because I did not expect the rich chypre base smelling of peaches and moss (guess I didn't take a close look at the notes prior to testing). You can smell genuine quality in this fragrance, as in all Vero creations. It has some real heft without being cloying. Rubj remains my favorite of the line but this one is quite gorgeous and a must try for those who love classic Guerlains (esp. Mitsouko). Nicely done. 4 stars only because it doesn't quite reach the same heights as some of my favorites but I do love it nonetheless.
By   - from NYC on 6/22/2013
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