Kiki Eau de Parfum
Kiki Eau de Parfum Sizes Available:
50ml $200
0.7ml sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Kiki Eau de Parfum...
Kiki (rhymes with Jicky) is a standout take on lavender and the EdP adds an upbeat twist to the Extrait. Vero Kern has used a 'passionfruit' accord to open - tart, bright and with a similar kick to bergamote, the more classical opener of choice. This accord compliments the crunchiness of lavender and then there is a segue into a 'caramelized' take on lavender . . . essentially she has pulled off a fine balancing act that can only recall the genius of Jicky, but using a different palette. Superb.
By   - Music Producer from Hong Kong on 2/12/2016
In the first hour, smelled like aftershave lotion then it sweetens up softly for a women.
By   - from Baltimore on 10/7/2010
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