Rubj - Parfum Extrait
Rubj - Parfum Extrait Sizes Available:
7.5ml $180
15ml Rubj Parfum Extrait $255
0.5ml sample $10
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I love jasmine and orange blossom. To me, Rubj smells of fine French or Turkish candies - the hard, floral type. Rich yet light as a warm day in a flower garden. It captures the ultimate in floral. This formula is intense - only a few drops are needed. At work, I would wear one drop. It was just enough for me, and didn't invade my surroundings. For more silliage, try the EDP. You lose a bit of the sweet but it's still glamorous and luxe.
By   - healthcare from NorCal on 10/14/2018
Really strong smell of sweat on me to start - phew! It's mellowing into something less stinky and more citrus-y, but overall it's not working with my skin chemistry that well. It's interesting, but not right for me.
By   - from Menlo Park CA on 2/19/2015
Exceedingly strong, bright, clean orange blossom ( we're talking "It's over 9000!" potency ) warmed with ambrette and a pinch of salty citrus. Tread carefully, but if all other orange blossoms seemed too subtle or lighthearted, this is likely for you.
By   - Dilettante from Vancouver on 8/10/2014
Yikes! Smells like I forgot to shower. There is something in it that does not work on my skin. Sorry.
By   - from New York on 1/7/2014
Hypnotically gorgeous, love it, different than the EdP, far more jasmine & without the cloy factor
By   - from Brooklyn on 1/20/2012
Be warned this is a love it or hate it fragrance! I so wanted to love Rubj after the glowing reviews. BUT, and I'm trying to say this kindly, I despise this one. It smells like a cheap berry air freshener over a dirty bathroom smell: horrific, maybe that is how I'm interpreting the musk. Very, very long lasting. Maybe it is just me because it has many fans. I recommend getting a larger spray sample before you commit to a full bottle.
By  on 7/23/2011
Wonderful scent. How to correctly pronounce the name of it?
By  on 5/5/2011
full bodied tuberose orange blossom. Sweet and then pulls back from the edge of cloying and mellows out into a smooth glowing sophisticated perfume . This perfume is such a beautiful personal expression by the perfumer. Long lasting and lovely sillage. I willingly bought the larger bottle. Wonderful. Beautiful bottle too.
By   - from CA on 4/4/2010
I too smell berry in this and agree that, while it's quite nice, I don't think it warrants the price (and I've spent this and more on other perfumes). btw, there's also a tad bit of a tropical feel, imo.
By  on 9/29/2008
This smells exactly like a combination of a berry scented candle and dc'd scent by Crabtree and Evelyn called Veranda. It's well balanced; the sweet is nicely tempered with tart and it's not a heady migraine-inducer, but I'm not sure it's worth the big clams.
By  on 9/29/2008
if i could only spell, i meant i agree with the review left before mine and its wonderfully done, wonderfully warm and sexy scent with great sillage
By  on 9/25/2008
I agree with the revie below...also my favorite of this, warm wonderfully down and great sillage
By  on 9/25/2008
This is my favorite of the line - totally addictive! It is sweet without being cloying, warm, enveloping and delicious.
By   - from San Diego on 9/19/2008
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