By Kilian

Bamboo Harmony

Eau de Parfum

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Green scents and tea scents are two of my favorites, especially for summer. This has such a lovely blend of the two, with just a slight underpinning of floral, that I really enjoy it. However, sadly, it has no longevity whatsoever on my skin. At the price of Killian's scents, it would bankrupt me to wear this on a regular basis. Re-applying every hour just isn't practical. One star deducted for lack of longevity.
By   - human resources from denver on 5/4/2016
I really, truly love the scent of Bamboo Harmony. What I don't love it that it's so, so weak. With very little staying power and sillage, it failed to convince me to buy a full bottle.
By   - Writer from NJ on 4/28/2016
Smells like calligraphy ink!!
By  on 6/21/2012
I love this scent. Fresh, clean, aquatic, strong and long lasting! I like neroli scents, but this one is really unique because it is only slightly there compared to most. I think its more about the bergamot. I've been a fan of Cashmere Twill, and this similar, but sooo much better. The dry down is nice and masculine, a slightly woodsy aquatic, with very light tea. Typical Kilian fans might be opposed to this because it is so different. I love it because it is the normal Kilian quality and strength, while still being fresh and different.
By   - from Marion on 5/31/2012
Now I would really like to smell this....I can't imagine why they still used black and not changed the bottle to white....
By  on 5/18/2012
I have several of the By Kilian EDPs. I was surprised with the new Asian Tales collection on the new direction, a light scent. Although they may be light compare to the others already out there, it does have some staying power.
By   - Perfume Enthusiast from Bay Area on 4/28/2012
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