Memoir Man

Eau de Parfum

by Amouage

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The Scoop

The releases from the house of Amouage over the past three years have had a uniting thread: uncomporomised richness and beauty. Their new series Memoir presents a new chapter in this narrative as conceived by Creative Director, Christopher Chong. Turning the industry norm of a dominant woman's fragrance on its head, Chong instead conceived the two Memoir fragrances from an inherently male point of view. Together, the Memoir fragrances offer a new interpretation of the ‘space' between man and woman, one that is almost impossible to resist.

Memoir Man is a Fougère, one that fractures the standard mix of Lavender and Oakmoss into bright shards by the addition of Basil and Mint and the further aspect of Absinth. Like a tray of unset gems the topnotes sparkle on the skin, leading into heart notes of Woods and a rich, smooth base of Vanilla, Amber and the traditional Oakmoss. Inspired by Baudelaire's flâneur who walked the city in order to experience it, the scent brings to mind the richness that is Paris. As the "Gentleman stroller" he is a living duality: both observer and observed, spectator and participant. Won't you take his hand?

Memoir Man  Notes

Basil, mint, frankincense, lavender, rose, oakmoss, leather, tobacco, absinth, wormwood, sandalwood, guaiac wood, vanilla, amber

Memoir Man Sizes Available
50ml $250
100ml $300
.7ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Memoir Man...
Meh, Don't like it, too much musky and woody. This fragrance is for those who want to smell sandalwood only.
By   - IT Analyst from Phoenix on 3/10/2016
Husband purchased this but after a few sniffs I surreptitiously moved it to my side of the cupboard. Ladies, don't let the Male designation here turn you off to trying this. It is exquisitely blended and absolutely delectable - if you are willing to take the plunge.
By   - attorney from New York on 2/4/2016
Very rich, complex, and special; smells like spicy, rich chocolate. Changes on the skin.
By  on 6/1/2015
Wow, i like this bottle. Warm, sophisticated, and elegant. Nothing about this cologne that I dont like. This is my first time trying it and already love it.
By   - from NM on 4/5/2014
This is my 2nd fave to Jubilation XXV, but I'd have to be wealthier and probably too lazy to fragrance shop to buy a fb. I don't see anything that I think needs to change in this fragrance. There are cheaper ones out there that I much prefer.
By   - from Evansville on 5/1/2013
A dark-green, woody & herbal scent, with a hint of minty coolness, drying down to a cool, dry incense &, much later, warmed up by ambergris. l enjoy the latter phase of this fragrance, but somewhere in the middle there's a note l can only describe as pond scum. My skin does emphasise green & bitter notes however, so although it doesn't work on me, l think this high-quality scent would be intriguing on the right person.
By   - from southampton uk on 1/25/2013
Love the warmth and trail of this. I notice it throughout the day, say reaching for something from a shelf, or a breeze coming by. I have the hardest time describing it, but to me its like a rainy/foggy morning mystery, wrapped with familiarity that comforts. My favorite of the line so far, but haven't tried them all.
By  on 4/27/2012
I have not been a huge fan of the Amouage fragrances i have smelled until now. Trying to describe why I like it, though, is like trying to explain a dream the next day--everything is clear in my head but I can't seem to put it into words.
By   - Attorney on 11/24/2011
Received a compliment the first time I wore it. Moreover, I applied the fragrance over 8 hours earlier...A must try if you're on the fence.
By   - from Japan on 9/16/2011
This in one of my few Holy Grails. I could go on and explain the notes but for this one, you just need to smell it. A true masterpiece and deeply satisfying. It has stellar longevity and sillage. It never fails to completely enthrall me.
By  on 4/19/2011
Follow up, Best Masculine in a long time, Sycomore on steroids, I GOT MINE!
By   - Colorist on 10/19/2010
Deep, Dark, smoldering, not as much as Kilian's Pure Oud, But, just right, wish the absinthe herbal top note lasted longer, Still bottle worthy.
By   - colorist from New York on 10/17/2010
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