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Lyric Woman Amouage. This is a sensual darkish maroon velvety Rose with warm incense and a slight clay scent to it giving it a touch of uniqueness. I can see a Lady wearing this whilst surrounded with big exotic silk cushions scattered everywhere in a  large terrace with columns looking out into the night sky full of diamonds stars. A must have for Rose lovers...
By   - . from NY on 9/23/2021
I love many of Amouage's scents, but this one simply morphs into a linear yet shrill jumble of notes on my skin. Sadly, it reminds me of many Versace perfumes (and their ensuing flankers) I have smelled over the years in dept. stores and nothing special.
By   - Executive from San Francisco on 1/13/2021
Fine but just fine, I could see someone else liking this but for me it was not enchanting the way Lyric for Men was. The rose is the same at the heart; I didn't find it overpowering but I like roses so.
By   - Business from Boston on 12/10/2020
It's very strong and spicy, and reminds me of overpowering old-lady perfume. It smells too much like incense and baby powder for my taste.
By   - --- from --- on 8/31/2020
I'm confused by the reviews describing an overpowering rose, because I only smelled spices and sandalwood. Maybe dabbing it on has a different effect? Or maybe, in my hot and humid climate, perfumes evaporate long before the heart notes really get a chance to shine. I like my perfumes to be floral first, and without the rose, I didn't enjoy this at all. But my friend sniffed my wrist and fell in love, so oriental lovers will still enjoy.
By   - Student from Savannah on 6/27/2018
You've just made love in a rose garden. For a moment, both you and your lover are speechless, caught in a moment staring into each other's eyes. She runs her fingers along your arm, and through the soft fur of the wolf pelts covering the earth beneath you. You press your nose into the back of her neck and you smell her sweat, detecting the vanilla coffee that her servants prepared for her that morning, the cinnamon and the sweet spices from her escorted walk through the markets that afternoon, the bit of smoke from the men's cigars at the polo game that followed. When she gets up and sends you away, her guards follow you back to your horse, and you wonder if, or when, you'll get invited back to see your queen again. Lyric Woman by Amouage.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
I am on a mission to find a new scent. Just found LuckyScent a few weeks ago, now the overwhelmed owner of 37 samples. Today is Amourage Lyric the second day try. OMG the opening was just like Youth Dew on me, I flapped my arms trying to get it to change, slowly I started to get this lovely soft scent. I am not good at what I pick out of a fragrance, but this is worth a try. Has gone to my possible FB list and at $300 a bottle that is saying something. 4 stars because of the loud opening I would have to get through. I think many people are reviewing the opening saying old lady smell and not being patient to see what develops. I love the reviews about the rose...I get no rose!
By   - Sales from Milwaukee on 9/9/2017
The opening on this is very loud. I never picked up any roses, just baby powder and jasmine. It reminds me of perfume my great grandmother would wear so I definitely could never describe this as sexy. I thought the opening smelled like diapers as well. Maybe just a mental association with the baby powder but it's an odd mix, babies and great grandmothers. After awhile I could smell the vanilla but it quickly became a skin scent that I struggled to smell on my skin. I wouldn't say this is a bad fragrance, it just didn't work on me at all.
By   - Commodities broker from Austin on 1/6/2017
it takes a few minutes to settle on your skin, and then you will keep coming back to take in its aroma... it is beautiful and refined, absolutely worth it. i have received a ton of compliments on this one.
By   - design consultant from toronto on 9/28/2016
This is a beautiful fragrance with lasting sillage. However, not everyone will like this unique fragrance. Perfume is really subjective to personal preferences and tastes. It is not based on age. One can enjoy all types of perfumes at any age. Everyone is different. I find it in poor taste to use stereotypes to describe perfumes one does not like. If it is too difficult to articulate one's dislike of a perfume, perhaps it is better to not write a review about it.
By   - Student from n/a on 6/10/2016
Ick!!!!! Smells like farm animals and spoiled old lady on me. Massive headache and must wash it off. We do not get along...FOUL.
By   - subrogation from chenoa on 3/25/2016
Beautiful, sexy, unlike anything you can smell at even the nicest malls. Worth the wait!
By   - Teacher from Woburn, MA on 1/7/2016
With all due respect, people think this is masculine?? What?! It is very feminine with florals and vanilla. It is very luxurious. I suspect, however, that it has been reformulated as the scent is very weak now and does not project much. It is still beautiful though. I took one star off due to likely reformulation.
By  on 1/24/2015
I agree with Serendipity. This fragrance is for a gorgeous man. I could imagine someone like Jeremy Irons wearing this while whispering naughty ideas in your ear. It's that kind of refined sexy.
By   - Social Media Director from Boston, MA on 10/14/2014
After trying so many perfumes and spending a lot ofmoney I finally found my signature scentFor me it is the best perfume ever. It is so me. When I wear it it feels like a part of me, absolutely gorgeous Rose, so warm and elegant. Best part is that it does not smell like a perfume at all, it becomes my skin so amazingly transformed, some magic in this juice for sure,I feel so beautiful and complete wearing Liric .I will buy a big bottle soon. Thank you Amouage and Lucky scent
By   - from Fort Myers on 12/14/2013
I splurged and finally bought a fb. Love this scent. So rich and deep. Not something I will wear everyday but on special occasions, and sometimes just a little before I go to bed. Love love love!
By   - Sales from Amherst on 1/6/2013
I love this scent! Definitely worth the money. From the other reviews I can only imagine that it smell very different from person to person. I have many fragrances and to me this is one of the very best.
By   - Business owner from Chicago on 12/6/2012
Absolutely loved the opening! Very rose, multilayered and interesting. 2 hours into it the magic was gone and left with sickly sweet vanilla. Old lady dry down.
By   - from Brisbane on 4/9/2012
After reading the reviews and the veritable laundry list of ingredients I just had to try this. I was so excited to get a whiff of it, too! Upon first sniff I get roses...actually, make that R-O-S-E-S in BIG, FLASHING neon sign colours. If this fragrance could talk it would shout "Rose" from the hilltop for all the world to hear. I get absolutely nothing else from Lyric. Rose Turkish delight, rose petals, rose's like Amouage took every rose on the face of the Earth and crammed it into this one sample vial. Top notes? Rose. Middle notes? Rose and more rose. Base notes? Oh, is that sandalwood?'s ROSE. Drydown an hour after did you guess? Rose, albeit a softer, less in-you-face version than when first applied. Can you tell I'm not much of a fan of rose? And yet...I can't stop sniffing my wrist. Lyric reminds me of my Gammy, whom I miss terribly even to this day, and for that I can't quite bring myself to place it in the 'giveaway' pile. It gets 3 stars because it tugged on my heartstrings. If you like roses this one is for you!
By   - from North Shore, New Zealand on 10/17/2011
I can understand its appeal for another. It was way too spicy for me.
By   - therapist from NYC on 10/2/2011
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