Molecule 02 - Travel Spray

Eau de Toilette

by Escentric Molecules

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The Scoop

Ambroxan is the ingredient around which Molecule 02 orbits around exclusively (sister scent Escentric 02 blends the note with others). Natural ambroxan is one of the lusted after components of ambergris, the prohibitively costly, rare excretion of a sperm whale. To be absolutely honest, when we tried this, we were shocked by its subtlety…and we mean subtle. In fact, all we can smell is a smooth, skin-like, we-can't-put-our-finger-on-it fragrance afterthought that might as well be our own skin…but it isn't. There is a slight mineral-like edge to it but it's transparent and mild…if you're the type of person who can instantly tell the taste of plain water versus a mineral water like Evian, you'll instantly pick up on the gentle nuances of Molecule 02. To sum it up, Molecule 02 is very light yet always present and hovering about four inches above where you applied it, especially after a few hours. The term “skin scent” has never been more embodied than in this perfume and we bet it will both fascinate and confuse perfume lovers for a long time to come. If there's anyone in your life who “can't stand perfume”, you've just found a little bottle of perfection for them.

Please note: Both 30ml versions come with the same style atomizer bottle. The 'Alloy case' version is packaged in a lightweight brushed metal case, the 'refill' version is packaged in a traditional paper box.

Molecule 02 - Travel Spray Sizes Available
30ml with Alloy Case $80
30ml - Refill $60
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Here's what other people are saying about Molecule 02 - Travel Spray...
Just perfect. I love this scent & it stays around for days.
By   - Stylist from Canada on 10/25/2015
My husband is very allergic to a lot of perfumes (disappointing but that is his only flaw, so I'm prepared to cu him some slack - lol) and I am very severely restricted to any kind of fragrance. I purchased the Molecule 01 which I loved, but the first time I wore it he described it as 'cloying'.... Umm - not good. Having read all the reveiws on here of the Molecule 02 I thought it was worth a try. Didn't say a word to DH. Just sprayed a minute amount. Comments? Nothing. Not a word. I just love that this is a 'not in your face' fragrance. Makes me feel feminine and clean and sexy but doesn't offend my man in any way at all. I also use the Body Wash - beautiful. I am a very happy camper indeed. :-)
By  on 6/6/2014
I've been a fan of this scent for a while, but now I love it even more. I spritzed it on yesterday at 8 AM, spent the day working, went out to dinner, and then attended a standing-venue concert (think: people squished like sardines into a ten centimeter personal space, replete with all those interesting smells that waft through the air - plenty of sweat, testosterone, beer, and other good things). I had five people tell me how good I smelled. That's enough of an endorsement.
By   - village idiot from New York, NY on 4/10/2014
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