Escentric 03 Body Wash
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If it's vetiver you want...then you must already love the 03 series, which can now be complemented with the 200ml Body Wash. Fans of the 03 series can now lather up in the morning in order to create a solid base on which to spritz the fragrance. Some may do it to get more mileage...we do it to cleanse and moisturize, as well as to prep our skin for full 03 coverage.

The new twist on these washes is that the main active ingredient is Energen, which contains sapindus mukorossi and caesalpinia spinosa. One is from the Himalayas, the other is from the Andes. That delightful coincidence makes it kind of irresistible to think about scaling new heights and peaks of perfection, but the simple fact is this: Energen in conjunction with the fragrance helps give the product an unprecedented four-in-one action - energising and moisturising, as well as cleansing and fragrancing. Body washes contain naturally derived materials, are paraben-free and completely free of all sulphates...making them just the thing to start your day.

Escentric 03 Body Wash Sizes Available
200ml $45
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