Kashan Rose

Eau de Toilette

by The Different Company

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The Different Company's L'Esprit Cologne series has consistently reinvigorated an often narrowly defined category with fresh, light scents that still manage to showcase sophisticated ingredients with surprising sillage and longevity. Kashan Rose, the latest in the line, accomplishes this with distinction, delivering a bright, cheerful, lightly spicy rose of unexpected sophistication and depth that's as effortlessly attractive as it is easy to wear.

Kashan Rose opens with a tingly sparkle of pink pepper, given fruity depth from litchi and an herbaceous hum of cardamom and sage. The rose that emerges, named for a Persian city famous for its annual Rose Festival, is fresh, green and uplifting, projecting a natural, full-bodied rose that never gets heavy or cloying. And despite the exquisite lightness of the rose note, it lingers for hours, supported by a sheer, musky base of ambrette and hawthorn. Fresh and delicate, yet modern and long-lasting, this is a rose you could wear every single day.

Kashan Rose  Notes

Sage, litchi, pink pepper, cardamom, Persian rose, hawthorn, peony, ambrette, sandalwood, musk.

Kashan Rose Sizes Available
100ml $125
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Kashan Rose...
The litchee gives this rose an aquatic character and I keep thinking the juice should have been named L'eau Kashan. It is very crisp with no powdery notes and might be best worn during the dog days of summer. I also get a lemony accord which might (?) be the sage. I prefer a deeper rose with less sharpness, such as Amouage Lyric Woman.
By   - Perfumista from New York on 12/11/2016
This isn't going to win prizes for originality, but I don't think it is meant to. It's a light, not too sweet, not at all sour, rose, with nice slightly spicy and creamy touches from the ambrette and sandalwood. I think it is perfect for the summer.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/23/2016
I'm glad I got the sample first. I love rose, and the description sounds wonderful, but on me it smells like Red, or something similar, with a cheap drugstore perfume note. Horrible. Already have a headache, and can't seem to scrub it off sufficiently.
By   - Professor from Blacksburg on 3/16/2016
exactly as described, a fresh, light rose scent. I wish I could say more but it's as is, vaguely pleasant with no real depth but, it does smell nice!
By  on 5/8/2015
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