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Narcisse Taiji

Eau de Parfum

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My second try to post a review........Even though I think this leans masculine and would smell equally as wonderful on a man, I love the fresh spiciness or this, with the combination of fruit and powder. The narcissus with the pear and ginger forms a beautiful roundness that envelopes me in a cloud. I really love this on my skin. A great juxtaposition of the light and dark, happiness and sadness of life. Just purchased a full bottle last week. Definitely not a blind buy. So unique and special.
By   - Project Manager from Sacramento on 4/20/2021
This is gorgeous and very classy. I am on the fence for a FB purchase because I am a decidedly feminine fragrance girl, and this can easily be worn by a man with the fresh/spice notes in the dry down. I do think the dry down is just special. If I think I can pull it off, it's mine! Truly rare and attention getting. I love the patchouli which leaves an earthy trail. The pear, ginger root and narcissus make this sing. Such a lovely creation.
By   - Project Manager from Sacramento on 4/13/2021
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