Francesca Bianchi

Angel's Dust

Extrait de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Angel's Dust...
Oh my, this is indeed lovely and elegant, beautifully blended and I love it. Powdery yes, but not overly so. I smell mostly smooth iris and mimosa, that golden flower of innocent sensuality that sends me over the moon. Expertly rendered work of wearable art. This must become a full bottle, and soon.
By   - Petsitter from Stone Mountain on 7/5/2021
This is perfect lasts a long time...perfect creamy dust musk ...perfect not sweet or fruity not boring just this is what id imagine angel dust smelling like...cant stop smelling ...strange because i cant tell you the main notes, well blended, great quality!¡!
By   - Manager  from Phoenix on 4/15/2021
This is blah and blah, blah. I asked for The Dark Knight and they sent me this feminine, soapy fragrance. This does nothing for me or others.
By   - chaos manager from big easy on 2/3/2021
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