BDK Parfums

Wood Jasmin

Eau de Parfum

Wood Jasmin Sizes Available:
100ml $205
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Wood Jasmin...
A lovely and perfectly unisex perfume from BDK. This is less about the jasmine and more about the plum and incense. Though a warm, comforting fragrance, it has (I suspect) a phantom or unlisted note that provides a coolness that underpins the entire life of the fragrance. Almost reminds me of eucalyptus or some cool herb. It's more an effect than an aroma, though. This one is strong and long lasting. Good sillage and projection, and perfect longevity on my skin. I get mostly plum, a rose/jasmine floral heart, vanilla, incense, and that cooling note primarily, and it's absolutely stunning!
By   - Entrepreneur and Perfumer from Minneapolis on 9/17/2020
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