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Eau de Parfum

30ml $95
.7ml sample $8
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I agree with the product description and David Lincoln Brooke's review below. I have seen reviews describing this as smelling like folklore and I like that description, too. Nothing like any fragrance I've experienced. Worth a sample for the joy of new experiences. May be a full bottle for me. I think it is a delightful magic on its own and could also be interesting for layering.
By   - Fragrance Lover from Cincinnati on 10/23/2020
Dense in notes, but the overall mood is one of subtlety, transparence and airiness, with many soothing, wistful vegetal/plant/herb impressions afoot (though not a Green at all), a clovery "new mown hay", labdanum-ambered and delicately anisic/fennel quality predominating. A delicately spiced, tobacco-like sweetness au fond. It reminds me of what might happen if, say, the Oriza L. Legrand fragrances FOIN FRAÎCHEMENT COUPÉ and CHYPRE MOUSSE were magnified and given some modern woody/peppery swank. Comforting, natural, autumnal, discreet and suave. Unique, perfectly unisex and all-occasion.
By   - digital artist from central texas, usa on 4/10/2020
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