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After 16 hours, I can still smell it on my skin! It'll last longer than any occasion you wish it for. The heart is a seamless transition from the sugary (not gourmand) fruity to a well seated fruity floral, emphasizing the floral (with rose, but not 'rosy'). It maintains a beautiful lightness that carries an ethereal color wheel. The dry down is gorgeous-- the strength of the fragrance that carried it all along. It's not boastful or needing to prove itself, but is just fully present (the category that this fragrance falls under)-- a gentle yet unyielding strength. This fragrance represents this time in my life. There's a remembrance of deeper ( even darker) things, but doesn't dwell too harshly on it. It's calming yet energizing.
By   - SAHM from Boscawen, NH on 9/28/2021
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